1. Would you consider yourself a 'great' witch or wizard? Sadly, not remotely, nor a realistic potential

2. Is non-verbal spell work very important to you? Haven't encountered it; sounds intriguing

3. Is it important for you to have an immensely powerful wand? Not remotely; application counts far more

4. Are you ambitious? Not in my own assessment

5. Are you interested in a rare wand? That would depend upon the calibre and cause of said rarity value

6. Are you well-loved? To the best of my knowledge, beyond my immediate blood relatives, no

7. Are you charming? I have never been told so by a plausible source

8. Are you interested in an immensely loyal wand? Being unaware of the alternative, and the merits or drawbacks of either state, this is unanswerable

9. Are you stubborn or determined? That depends upon the analyser; both have frequently been applied

10. Are you arrogant? My self-image does not contain such a qualiifier

11. Are you interested in an immensely good wand for charm work? I seek the optimal balance for those challenges with which the school and life will present me – being unable to accurately predict them, this response would be equally speculative

12. Are you interested in an immensely good wand for dueling? Per se, no - but the above applies

13. Are you strong-minded? My comparative studies would lead me to believe so

14. Are you wise and understanding? Wisdom is an ephemeral, lacking empirical measurement, and I consider somewhat premature in one of my years. My comprehension on an analytical front I deem to be above average, but I appear, by the accounts of others, to lack empathy to a discernible degree

15. Do you have good instincts and intuition? In matters relating to the Muggle world, I would feel able to return an affirmative – my inexperience with the magical realm causes me to hesitate in offering an opinion, as it would be based on minimal, possibly misleading, data

16. Do you have a history of overcoming hardship? There are, in my personal history, incidents which would undoubtedly qualify, but I would assume this to be so for all candidates

17. Do you practice good self-control? Such is paramount

18. Are you fond of luxury and material items? To the extent that I enjoy elements not necessary to my sustenance nor of immediate utility, yes, but I am more than willing to forego such in the pursuit of an attainable goal

19. Do you have a great sense of justice? Not having been provided with a median value for such, any estimation would border on guesswork. I endeavour to seek justice, when not in conflict with the primary parameters of a project

20. Are you strong and courageous? Physically, I am possessed of unusual lifting power for one of my age and physique, but I do not believe it extends to the metaphysical, nor am I cognisant of any inordinate bravery in my make-up

21. Are you bold? Insofar as it pertains to the pursuit of study, I feel that an affirmative answer may be ventured here

22. Are you self-sacrificing? It is not within my purview to sacrifice others, but if an experiment induces discomfort, this, to me, is not a seriously prohibitive factor

23. Are you mischievous? I have never known the term to be applied

24. Are you playful? This would seem to fall into the same category as the previous question

25. Do you believe in the phrase 'Be yourself'? The question is unfathomable, given that there is no alternative

26. Do you uphold strong principles or moral values? In the exploration of science, no such absolute can survive. However, I endeavour, as best I may, to build into the framework of any project undertaken, protections along the lines mentioned

27. Do you believe you have a special destiny? No

28. Are you faithful and trustworthy? I have not been informed otherwise

29. Are you interested in an immensely good wand for transfiguration? My answer to question 11 would recur

30. Are you talented? In matters of magic, it would appear not

31. Do you have a complex or intriguing personality I have never been accused of being intriguing, but my psychotherapist did use the term complex on . . .fourteen occasions

32. Are you good with managing your feelings? My feelings are, as a generality, subordinate to my self-control

33. Do you have a hot temper? None has ever thus far manifested

34. Do you have a single, pure passion? Explanation

35. Are you insecure? In the sense that my possession are frequently unguarded, yes, but in the matter of my sense of self, I experience no disproportionate qualms for one at my stage of development

36. Do you have any hidden talents? I have endeavoured to root out and classify all my talents

37. Are you lazy? Occasional lethargy and ennui do beset me

38. Do you like nature? Again, a frame of reference is unobtainable, since without nature we cannot exist – certainly not yet, at least

39. Are you curious or adventurous? My desire to understand appears insatiable – I do not, however, pointlessly seek danger

40. Are you weak in terms of your physical health? I have received no indications of such, internally or from any medical professional. The latter were, however, exclusively Muggles, and therefore magical maladies remain a distinct possiblilty

41. Do you have a loose grip? I have worked on a farm for the last seven years, at least occasionally, and would not anticipate such being the case

42. Are you warm-hearted? I could not with any justification classify myself so

43. Are you generous? Again a scale would be requisite in order to offer a meaningful response. Whenever I am, or am made, aware, I attempt to accommodate the needs of others

44. Are you popular? Not in any context I have yet encountered

45. Are you well-respected? Lacking a peer group, I cannot say

46. Do you have any interest at all in Dark magic? As a researcher, unqestionably, but for personal practice not remotely

47. Are you independent? Given the dearth of a peer group, I see no alternative

48. Are you often perceived as a loner? I believe not, because few are ever in my proximity to render such a judgment

49. Are you honest? By the standards of my own conscience, and considering the demands of true science, I perceive no viable alternative

50. Do you have any interest in creating spells? Immense interest

51. Do you usually make the right choices? A retrospective of my existence, its outcomes and consequences being currently unavailable, I would have to abstain from venturing an opinion

52. Are you lucky? My calculations of probable outcomes lead me to believe that in a minimum of 79.43% of determinably crux incidents in my life, a favourable outcome has been obtained, and thus I would feel moderately safe in returning an affirmative

53. Are you physically attractive? I would not consider myself so

54. Do you care more about the outside of a person than the inside? Under no circumstances I have yet encountered, although the anticipated hormonal shifts of puberty may rearrange my priorities in this matter

55. Do you daydream often? To the extent that my speculations may carry me away from my present company, and indeed cause me to overlook aspects of my environment, I would have to say yes

56. Are you a Seer or related to a Seer? As the child of a line with a disproportion of Squibs, according to Ministry of Magic statistics, I am utterly uncertain quite what magical quirks may, or may not, have manifested themselves, particularly in cadet and distaff lines of those Wizarding families to which I am known to have links

57. Are you skilled in Legilimency? I have been informed by an operative from the Ministry's Obliviator Headquarters that they felt compelled, given the configuration of my mind, to custom design the devices which taught me, and program them most specifically, should my memory require to be erased. I am therefore led to conclude that I may well have an aptitude in this field

58. Are you firm? I believe myself generally resolute

59. Do you have a firm grip? I cannot discern the substantial difference between this and question forty-one

60. Are you highly intelligent? My Ministry assessments indicate a Muggle-defined high IQ, but many there still maintain reservations concerning my fitness to be truly deemed a wizard

61. Do you have great potential? In the sphere of magic, it would appear not. However, I have every intention of using those gifts which I do possess to their fullest degree

62. Have you ever seen death? Living on a farm, such is inevitable

63. Are you afraid of death or anyone dying? I am concerned and disquieted to contemplate the loss of family, but I believe that endemic to the human condition

64. Are you related to veela? My earlier genealogical response pertains, but the Ministry researchers informed me of no such known relatives

65. Would you consider yourself very ordinary? The quantifier causes me to hesitate – a thing is ordinary, or it is not

66. How tall are you (measurement, not yes or no)? 5 feet 5 inches

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