The various devices which, as standard, Steve has on him, or recourse to. They are generally the means by which Steve prevents his kills ever making it onto the Ministry's radar.


In a sheath on his left arm - Blackhawk UK Special Forces Knife 29 cm overall premium D-2 tool steel blade 16 cm
Expandable spring baton - 51,5 cm fully extended, 22 cm collapsed Solid Steel right calf sheath
M-26 Taser (military issue, a non-permanent alternative to the knife, to overload and incapacitate electrical systems)
L115A3 AWM Sniper rifle, 50 .338 Lapua Magnum rounds, effective range 1.4 km


Black leather gloves (worn as standard, to avoid leaving fingerprints - permanently charmed not to leave traces) Standard set of (Muggle) lock-picking tools (for verisimilitude, or when he doesn't want to leave magical tracks)
Samsung XE700T1A with a variable size charm (permanent) allowing it to be 14–200 cm on diagonal
Shoulder bag 32 cm diagonal (undetectable extension and featherweight charms - permanent) to hold equipment


Lock-picking (mechanical)

Computer skills (extremely high-level - including magic-assisted hacking)

Psychology (especially confidence tricks)

Follows the stock market and Muggle football (give conversation starters with possible cover/victims)

Martial arts


Brazilian jiu-jitsu


Nippon Kempo

Goju Ryu Karate