Spell List

1st Year Spells

  1. Wingardium Leviosa
  2. Protego
  3. Pack
  4. Anapneo
  5. Anti-Cheating Spell
  6. Cistem Aperio
  7. Color-Change Charm
  8. Expelliarmus
  9. Incendio
  10. Hair-Thickening Charm

2nd Year Spells

  1. Reparo
  2. Rictusempra
  3. Scourgify
  4. Pluma Pondus
  5. Illegibilus
  6. Oculus Reparo
  7. Obliteration Charm
  8. Impedimenta
  9. Aguamenti
  10. Alohomora
  11. Aresto Momentum
  12. Dissendium
  13. Fumos
  14. Glacius
  15. Herbivicus
  16. Hemavicis Atramentum
  17. Glisseo

3rd Year Spells

4th Year Spells

6th Year Spells

7th Year Spells

Spells Learned Elsewhere (Admin Approved)

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