Spells can only be added here with explicit Bcrat approval. Please remember to add the 'Creator' also to the appropriate list. These spells are presumed registered, along with their creators, with the Ministry of Magic. If, for some reason, the British Ministry would not know about a spell, a footnote to this effect needs to be added. Dark spells are obviously not included, and go on the Dark Spell List.

Custom Spells


Sortable table
Spell Year Type Use Description
Aperio 2nd Charm Utility Opens and unpacks any unsealed/unlocked container
Arenae Ventus 5th Transfiguration Any Creates a small swirling sand dust devil
Clay Face Jinx 2nd Jinx Offensive/Defensive Make a person's face droop and soften like clay
Color Augendae 2nd Charm Utility Enhances the color of objects, particularly memories
Coco Trimortion 4th Charm Utility Creates a nice cup of Hot Cocoa
Confirma Lentium 5th Charm Utility Strengthens the prescription on glasses or contacts for approximately a year
Darshonion 6th Hex/Protection Offensive A stream of purple light causes the person attacked to faint; Pierces magical shields
Diesi Mendax 4th Charm/Protective Defensive Makes a person's eyes glow red if they are telling a lie; takes effect for one hour
Discordium 7th Charm Any Effect if cast on an area: Limited Chaos (Something like, paper flying everywhere or furniture being thrown across the room)

Effect if cast on a person: Two hours of general bad Luck. Anything bad that can happen, will happen.

Fluito Aqua 4th Charm Utility Causes the water to rise from the ground
Fulmen Eruptio 3rd Hex Offensive Shoots Blue Lighting
Glitteblinken 5th Charm Any Creates a glittery, sparkly substance, which looks somewhat like bunches of small diamonds...
Lacerta 6th Transfiguration Any Turns the target into a lizard
Litoria Carsoron 3rd Charm Any Makes target rise in the air 15 feet before falling
Lux Aeternae 4th Charm Utility 10m radius, creates auras on each living creature (Dark/Light etc.) for 30 sec
Manus Petrificatus 6th Hex Offensive Target's wand hand turns to stone; heavy, difficult to use
Obscuro Celatus 1st Charm Any Caster becomes invisible to the target
Omnia Vincit Gravitas 6th Charm Offensive/Defensive 4m circle (caster's placement) gravity tripled for 2 minutes
Phinaskiss Ravedorio 6th Charm Utility Gives caster a view of the Ravenclaw common room
Protego Calor 2nd Charm Defensive/Utility Shields caster from heat
Pudation 3rd Charm Utility Makes a 5 foot tall pool of pudding fall out of the air
Res compleo 5th Utility Transfiguration Restores a partial non-magical item to its full, original state
Sandolio Chrivas 2nd Charm/Protective Defensive Puts the next spell you use in a jar for future use
Sano Frendo 4th Transfiguration/Healing Utility Heals Bruises
Scutum 2nd Transfiguration Defensive/Utility Conjures a portable physical shield
Slitoratary 5th Charm/Protective Any Makes a person's eyes glow yellow if they were just under or are currently under an Unforgivable Curse
Sorkriss Avadora 4th Charm Any Puts target at peace
Taraka Radiosa 6th Transfiguration Utility Turns wand into a device to talk to one another with
Tempero Miscetis 6th Charm Utility Smoothly blends two memories together
Tempore alioversus 7th Charm Utility 'Diverts' flow of time from around target for thirty minutes, making them unaffectable
Trisinion 6th Charm Defensive Keeps people away and stuns them if getting to close
Two Left Feet Jinx 1st Jinx Any Gives someone two left feet for 10 minutes.
Vendetta Corsicana 7th Transfiguration Defensive For 1 minute, targetting spell effects split 50/50 with original caster
Vitis Venit 1st Transfiguration Utility Makes small natural vines grow as directed by the caster
Zip Mouth Jinx 1st Jinx Any Zips a person's mouth shut for 5 minutes


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