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Guest List

The following are cordially invited to the joint wedding of Marsye LeClerc, Bryan Smith, Vivian Seabreeze, and Maurice LeClerc.

  • Brandon Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. LeClerc
  • Mrs. Seabreeze
  • Sophia Newman
  • Draco Rookwood
  • Shane Frozon
  • Amadorus Kinsel
  • Angie Robins
  • Evander Diomedes
  • Joseph Euclide
  • Finnick Belmont
  • Jaylyn Belmont
  • Amias Aimery
  • Authur Oak
  • Roslyn Haise
  • Charles Linch
  • Malachi Fang
  • Zoe Wells
  • Ailred Birch
  • Sabrina le Fey
  • Laura Magicae
  • Saximontana Aquil
  • Homer Johnson
  • Bastet Mendez
  • Desiree Moon
  • Meghan Bláthnat
  • Silvia Norene
  • Helandria Norene
  • Camille Antoinette
  • Ariadné de Whitby
  • Mordicai Plasmus
  • Caspian Castiel
  • Orion Black
  • Robert Aisley
  • Johnathon Barry
  • Mortimer le Fey
  • Alexis Marks
  • Paige Turner
  • Alexandra Seraph
  • Melanie Trinket
  • Demetria Fang
  • Persephone le Fey
  • Julius Jettison
  • Hailey MacMillan

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