This is my room. I'll either be meditating, working or sleeping here. Feel free to come by any time.


My auror gear has to be in pristine condition, so I only buy the best. It could be the difference between life and death.

  • I own a top-of-the-range backpack to store all my stuff in.(It also has an everlasting featherweight charm and an everlasting undetectable extension charm on it.)
  • All of the things listed under the image are what I put in it.
  • I also have a set of formal robes, which is really what I usually wear with my hogwarts robes
  • Aurorbackpack

    my backpack. Some of the things that go into this are: Camelbak drinkbottles, books, weaponry, briefing summaries, dehydrated food,camping gear, and my wand.

    on top. Whatever I'm wearing, I always have my wand.
  • My wand is 15 inches, made of Oak, with a Unicorn Hair core.
  • I own a firebolt, and enjoy playing Quidditch with my daughter. Usually we just chuck a ball around, though.
  • I own a Snowy owl, called Xandia,(pronounced Zan-da).

Even though I have all this fancy gear, I still value human input. I may seem to have every single thing needed, but there will always be something that comes up that you're unprepared for.(Wow- That sounded cold-blooded.)



Sigyn Skirata ex-Ravenclaw

 – {{{time}}}




my formal outfit.

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