Sierra Firestone-square

Sierra Firestone
pronounced see-EHR-ə


Role-played by Karma

Biography & Background
Species Witch/Fire Nymph
Blood-status Half-Breed
Birthplace  Shropshire, England
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Education Boarding Schools & Ilvermorny

My uncle married a nymph, my dad, the Squib couldn't have been more jealous. He didn't get the same kind of magical life as his brother but what he did was find a nymph for himself. Being the screw up that he is he didn't marry her but he did get her pregnant. My mom died sometime after I was born, I can't remember when because I was little. My dad says she was a junkie or an alcoholic, basically he thinks she deserved to die. I don't know much about her except whatever magic I ended up having belonged to her. In the ageless story of boy meets girl, the girl turned out to have nymph heritage and no one bothered to tell the kid they had anything about it until she could prove she wasn't a screw up like her dad. That kid is me. After my mom bailed on life my dad raised me. I'd like to say he was a good dad, but, I don't know the difference between bad and good. He didn't treat me awful. I guess he did everything he could for me. Maybe when a kid grows up with only one parent no matter what the survivor does it's not enough? Anyways, I had a dad, he took care of me. I didn't see him a whole lot because he had a real important job the "family" got him that made us lots of money.

Once I was old enough dad thought it was best to have me sent away to fancy schools. Wonder why school is plural? I wasn't able to stay at single one for a significant amount of time. From the age of four until I was about ten I was booted from different schools all across the United States. Schools that my dad wasn't able to pay enough money to keep me enrolled in. I had to be about seven when the other kids started blaming me when something in the classroom got destroyed. They called me a jinx for being the last person to touch the pencil sharpener before it fell off the wall, the aquarium before the glass cracked and it leaked or the hamster cage before the wheel broke and stopped spinning. I got picked on a lot. It made me the common denominator in lot of different fights. The school staff all thought I was a troublemaker with behavioral problems. And I probably am. But it wasn't all my fault. I have magic. In the fourth grade a man can to the house to talk with me and my dad. It was a year after Tyna Lewis' pigtails mysteriously got singed. She was constantly flipping them over her back and onto my desk. She used to hit people with them on purpose. When we found out there was a school for magic hidden away in Western Massachusetts my dad asked where this guy and that school had been six years ago. His phrasing wasn't as clean as mine. In hindsight I can see that he was right, it was about time. We spent years going from one tip of the country to the other because of he and my mom made; me. I didn't miss anything, I was at school just in time to start my first year with a slew of other magical kids.

I didn't realize my pyromania was more than what it seemed. My dad finally thought it was about time to tell me after I'd done something he never did. Went to a magical school. He told me everything he knew about my mom. That she wasn't some junkie after all, she was actually a fire nymph. I share half her physiology and my connection to my element grows in proportion to how much I use my powers. Late into my second year at Ilvermorny was when I met Izona Falls. The girl that would absolutely change my life. A bit like me but still different in every way. She taught me all the things I couldn't have hoped to learn about magic without her by my side. She became my best friend, then she became my world. I didn't know what it mean to truly love someone until I realized I was in love with her. I'd had people care for me before her, but they were all employed by my family to do it. She was my friend because she liked me for me, she loved the me for who I am. I was seventeen when I told my dad that I loved my best friend. He didn't understand what I meant at the time. I shouldn't have let him believe a lie for as long as I did. If she hadn't found out the way she did we might still be together, he thought she was just my roommate. After graduation we moved in together. It was a place my dad bought for me, a welcome to adulthood gift. I never told him she was living with me. I never told him that we were in a relationship. What made it worse was she didn't know that he didn't know anything about us.

Everything blew up in my face when my dad blurted out that it was time I met a guy while we were "celebrating" one anniversary or another. Nothing ever got better after that. My dad and I fought for what felt like hours effectively trapping Izona in awkward silence. She didn't say one word, not one. I figured she was mortified. If she'd cared less about me all of the homophobic hate that came dripping from my dad's mouth that night would have broken her out of her shock. I knew that he was closed-minded yet I'm still trying to make sense of some of the names he called me. He was so angry, he looked so disappointed with me. When I think back to that moment I remember how with each ignorant slur coming from his mouth I found that I felt more and more proud of myself. If this was the real him then he was finally seeing the real me. I wasn't going to hide who I was. Not anymore. Izona and I are no longer together. She hasn't been able to forgive me for lying to my dad about us. I told her I would always love her but I wouldn't wait around for her to change her mind.

Personality & Nature
Gender Female
Orientations  Bisexual
58% I
60% S
77% T
86% P
Virtues Empathy, Modesty
Vices Faithlessness, Wildness
Patronus Salamander
Boggart Suffocation
Amortentia Chamomile, Tobacco, Mustard

I'm unnervingly patient and I have this remarkable ability to ignore what I find most disturbing. The same goes for anything I couldn't care less about. All I do is block it out with imaginary earplugs. I also have a boiling point. I'm only human, part at least. When the scale gets tipped in the wrong direction I've got to react.

I try my hardest to be much more positive than I actually am. As someone who has experienced more than her fair share of tough blows in life I still like to look on the bright side whenever possible. I force a smile on my face for two reasons; 1.) To get people to smile back. 2.) To trick my mind into thinking I'm happy.

Catching me bragging about anything negative or positive is rare, most likely to happen if I've had a few too many drinks and I get chatty. I don't like to talk about myself, it always leads to envy or pity. I'd rather talk about someone else's past or their dreams for the future. Emotions are contagious, the strongest one typically are.

I'm fairly social by nature, outgoing in an inquisitive sort of way. While I steer questions away from me I enjoy having someone to talk to and create memories with. At the same time I like to be able to explore on my own. I enjoy taking time to decided how something makes me feel or where it takes my thoughts.

Appearance & Looks
Hair Brown/Black
Eyes Grey/Blue
Skin Warm beige
Stature 5'11
Accent American (California English)
Wand Arm Right
Allergies Fruit
Model Myla Dalbesio

Sierra Firestone
Sierra Firestone – Thunderbird Alumna – Photographer
"Fear is stupid. So are regrets." Marilyn Monroe

OWL – I say I am stronger than fear. Malala Yousafzai
I'm Sierra Imogene Firestone and I'm a Half-breed, if that matters. I'm an Ilvermorny graduate, a proud Thunderbird. I was born in Shropshire but I haven't been there since. I'm an American Girl for all intents and purposes. I've even got the California accent to prove it.

It's almost ironic that I've got none of my father's features and all of my mother's. Her dark hair and her piercing eyes, the only resemblance between dad and I is our warm beige skin complexion.

Casual and comfortable is a motto for life and the way I dress. I need the freedom to hop a fence if I need to or crawl through a window if I feel like it or baseball slide through a rapidly closing door because I can.

I'm the wash and wear type. I don't like to do a lot of styling to my hair, bedhead is enough for me. I'll run a comb or brush though it if I expect to meet up with someone at least.


9⅞" Poplar Snallygaster hearttring wand.

Magical camera.

Father Austin Othrys
Mother Mercia Firestone †

My mother was a Fire Nymph going by the name of Mercia Firestone.

My father was a Squib by the name of Austin Othrys.

Trivia & Tidbits
  • I'm a Scorpio; I was born on November 4th, 2016.
  • I'm English on my mother's side and American on my father's side.
  • I'm cleithrophobic, I've got a fear of being trapped; I'm specifically afraid of being trapped with no air.
  • I can read upside down, play the saxophone, and use my toes as hands.
  • I love the sight of fire, the smell of smoke, and feeling of ash.
  • I hate vacuums and vacuuming, flooding, and bitter cold.