serpentine bishop
vegan musician

While relatively feisty when it comes to protecting her rights as a human being and those of others, Serpentine is a pretty normal teenager. Surprisingly enough, she likes to sing and write music and three summers ago, she converted to veganism on her own free whim after seeing a documentary on how animals suffer to provide a meal on her own table. Now she eats raw foods like vegetables and fruits and refuses to put anything processed, made by a creature, or artificial into her body.

Serpentine feels strongly about the rights of all people (whether they be human or magical) and has often attended rallies in the name of equality as well as a few protests behind her parents back. She is a witty individual with a cunning wit and bold personality. She isn't afraid to show the world who she is. She is brave and smart and loyal above all else.

Serpentine, while being occasionally pessimistic, can make up for it with her sarcastic remarks and silver-tongued quips. She is a moderately intelligent girl who has never given herself the chance to prove her worth. While believing her music is mediocre and her fashion sense out of the norm, Serpentine collectively makes friends due to her passion and overall cranky-but-cute facial expressions.


Mia and Audric Bishop had tried for children for the better half of their ten year marriage before finally convincing their first and only child. It was a long journey indeed but the couple had been together since their Ilvermorny days and Mia ran into fertility issues that rendered it almost impossible for her to have kids. Almost. Serpentine Bishop was brought into this world a little early and was awfully tiny, but otherwise healthy and happy. It wasn't long before the new family could return to their home in Salem, Massachusetts - the place in which the Bishop family first settled back in the 1700's.

In fact, the Bishop name was once associated heavily with the Salem witch trials. Serpentine's ancestor, Bridget Bishop, was the first person in Salem to be tried and killed for being a witch. Before that, the Bishop family was one of the more wealthy, respected families that settled into Salem. After the death of Bridget, the rest of the family either migrated or holed themselves in the forests, becoming hermits or laborers while only one member remained in the public eye. That very individual became the Mayor of Salem until his death. That was what changed the bad view of the Bishop family.

Slowly, the broken up but large family came back together and become to live life normally but never did they forget the unspeakable horror that befell Bridget. The family grew and expanded until present day; the small family of Mia, Audric and their only daughter Serpentine. She had a relatively normal childhood for a witch growing up in muggle society. Her magic showed when she was eight years old; she had turned spilled water into ice. Life was normal despite being magical. She even attended public school until she turned eleven and could finally attend Ilvermorny.

Ilvermorny was exactly what she had expected when she thought of education for those gifted in magic. She was sorted into Wampus and attended Ilvermorny for nearly five years, taking up a hobby in singing and music which is usually atypical of a Wampus but that didn't stop her from writing music and singing in the shower. After being offered jobs at the ministry in London, the Bishop family located to their new homes mere days after Serpentine turned fifteen. Now getting used to the shock of London as compared to her small down in America, Serpentine was transferred to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

On the wrong side of heaven
All I feel is this cruel wanting.
Basic Info
Full Name Serpentine Mélissaire Bishop
Nickname Serp, Serpen
Birthday September 2nd
Age Sixteen
Nationality American
Home Salem, Massachusetts
Status Single
Sexuality Demisexual
Location Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Gender Female
Year Seventh
Titles Human and Animal Rights Activist
House Gryffindor
Species Witch
Family Blood Pure-Blood
Wand Core Mahogany
Wand Wood Thunderbird Tail Feather
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Undetermined
Patronus Thunderbird
Model Charly Jordan
Gender Female
Eye Color Hazel / Light Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'4
Voice Soft
Body Style Slim
Mental/Emotional State Healthy
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Caucasian
And the righteous side of hell
Fam & Gen
Mother Mia Bishop
Father Audric Bishop
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Cousin(s) None
Aunt(s) Sophia Bishop
Uncle(s) John Bishop
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) None
Character Flaw When upset, she flees.
Fear/Phobias Losing those closest to her and being a dissapointment.
Personal Motto If it breathes, it feels.
First Reaction to Crisis Collected and Calm
Faces Their Problems Head on
React to Change Moderately open
Native Language English, Spanish and French
Hobbies Veganism, Singing, and Songwriting.
I'm everything you can't control.



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