Name:Selena Tyrrell



1. Give a reason why you wish to be an Auror:

I want to be an Auror because I have always dreamed of being able to protect people who need it, and bring those who do evil acts to justice. I love being able to help people at any costs. I also want to try and help stop the WHPS from harming anymore people and bring there organiszation down.

2. State two of your greatest relevant magical abilities:

I am very skilled at protective enchantments and offensive spells.

3. What characteristics make you a better candidate than others?

I am extremely hard working and dedicated to any work that I do.I will not stop until the job is done I am also very good at listening to orders and will execute them to perfection. I am also willing to risk my life to do, what I know, is a very dangerous job.

4. What are your NEWT qualifications?

  • Charms-O
  • Transfiguration-O
  • Potions-EE
  • Herbology-EE
  • History of Magic-O
  • Astronomy-A
  • Care Magical Creatures- EE


1. If you saw someone, under suspicion only of being a dark wizard, what would you do? Why would you do so?

I would gather a team quickly and percisley, and follow this "dark" wizard for awhile. If anything seemed out of the ordinary, the slightest hint that they were a dark wizard, I would confront them, and bring them in for questioning. If they proved to be evil, i would send them to Azkaban for a long time. If they passed the questioning, I would still have two Aurors watching them for a little while longer to absolutley positive that they wer ea dark wizard.

2. If you were on a mission for the Ministry to rescue a group of wizards taken captive, and could either save yourself or the captives, who would you save?

I, of course, would save the captives. My life is not as important as the innocent people that I could let live instead of saving my self. It is also my mission to save them, and I will stop at nothing to complete any missions I am given,

3. If you are dying in battle, what would you ensure before your demise?

If I am dying in battle, I would make sure that whatever the danger in this battle is, is stopped to the best of my ability, and everyone that could be hurt by this, are one hundred percent safe.


Which of the following spells have you MASTERED:

-Full bodied Patronus

- Variety of curses and counter curses

- Cast a Protean charm

- Cast a Fidelius charm

- Cast a Bedazzling hex

- Knowledge of most venomous plants

- Know how to clean ghost ectoplasm.

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