Sebastion Vermont

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Sebastion Vermont Junior
Title Slytherin Alumni
Gender Male
Age 21
Height 1.68 meters
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Green
Birthday May 17
House Slytherin
Blood Status Pure-blood
Wand 9 inches, oak, dragon heartstring
Wand Arm Ambidexterous
Family Mélisande Vermont née Lécuyer (Mother)

Sebastion Vermont Sr. (Father)

Céline-Adèle Vermont née Achille (Step-Mother)

Morgan Jenner (Fiancée)

Élisabeth "Lili" Vermont (Daughter)

Affiliations Beauxbâtons, Hogwarts, Slytherin
Home Their Apartment
Patronus Wolf
Sebastion L. Vermont Jr. is a Slytherin graduate and Ministry of Magic PA.


Sebastion is quiet, but if you get him to talk, he's very protective of those he know and love. He can be very forward, outspoken, and rude.

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Sebastion's Song: Quite a few people think this fits him exactly. It also happens to be his favourite song.


Sebastion Vermont was born in France to Mélisande Vermont (née Lécuyer) and Sebastion Vermont Sr., who his was named after. His mother was French, and his father German, and grew up speaking both languages, although they were living in France.

Sebastion's mother was killed when a muggle riot gang decided to become violent outside the French Ministry of Magic, thinking it was an embassy. She was sent out to send them off, but was killed. After a few weeks of being depressed, his father married a rich muggle woman, Céline-Adèle Achille, because he needed money (he had been smoking and drinking it all away). His (muggle) step-mother began abusing him, and his father wouldn't believe him. He started making riots at his private tutorials, and was sent to Hogwarts.

He was a childhood friend of Morgan Prideaux-Jenner because of their similar circumstances. He was the only one to ever see her cry, and she is the only one allowed to call him 'Sebs' (and especially 'Sebby').

Near the end of his 6th year, his father got very ill. Sebastion returned to France over the holidays to visit him, but he also got his things while he was there. With his father gone he couldn't stay there anymore, and he got an apartment in England. His father slowly died, over the course of a year, and Sebastion visited him many times. Sebastion thinks he was poisoned by his step-mother, so that she would get the will, and her reaction at his death basically proved it. But there was no investigation, everyone thought that he died of natural causes. But she got nothing in the will, as years ago, Sebastion's mother made his father promise that he'd give Sebastion everything except the house if he died, and he did.

He graduated, and got a job at the British Ministry of Magic as a PA for Estella Stanton. He's still taking trips back to France, to get everything sorted out.


"Niemand plant einen Mord laut, nicht wahr?" – Sebastion Vermont. Translation: "Nobody plans a murder out loud, do they?"



He's good at Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions, reading, and surprisingly, hacking.


Morgan Jenner — Fiancée

"Because you're independent, because you're you. Because you stand up to things you don't like."

She rolled her eyes slightly. "And what about you? You've always been there for me, you're the nicest guy I know, and even I wouldn't get along with myself." She asked, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

— Sebastion Vermont and Morgan Jenner in the Black Lake
Sebastion has known Morgan since their childhood in France. After he, like Morgan, was sent to Hogwarts, they started going out, and after 2 years, got engaged.

Mélisande Vermont — Mother

He wanted to follow in her footsteps, he loved her dearly.

Sebastion Vermont Sr. — Father

"I know. It's just — I think, that with my dad, dying.....It's taught me to value what family we have, even if they've done some bad and stupid things."
— Sebastion Vermont in the Slytherin Common Room

Céline-Adèle Vermont — Step-mother

Sebastion loathes and fears Céline-Adèle. Sebastion's father married Céline-Adèle right after Sebastion's mother was killed. Céline-Adèle abused Sebastion for years, and eventually poisoned his father, hoping to inherit everything.


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