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Scarlet Banriff
Birthdate June 19th 2016
Birth Place Cambridge, Britian
Hometown London, Britian
Accent British
Heritage English/American/Icelandic
Bloodline Muggle-Born
Family Banriff
Wand Arm Right
Wand Length
Wand Wood
Wand Core
Boggart Losing everyone she cares about

Vital Information

Scarlet Banriff is a Muggle-Born witch of American, Icelandic and British descent. She is the only daughter of Scarlet and Louise Banriff

Full Name: Scarlet Ruby Lavender Banriff
Meaning of name:
Nickname: Scar
Birthdate: June 19
Astrological Sign: Libra
Type of childhood:
First memory:
Most important childhood event:

Life Before Hogwarts

Scarlet being an only child in a muggle family, expect her uncle, Jason Banriff that was a wizard and none of his family knew this, in England never knew that she would one day be like her uncle, living in he muggle world and working as a magician.

Scarlet was normally at the top of her classes when a theoretical knowledge was needed but when a practical knowledge was needed, Scarlet completely failed. Scarlet started becoming the social butterfly she is when became 12 being invited to more parties by her muggle friends when she wasn't at Hogwarts. Before that, she was extremely shy and would rarely talk to anyone

Scarlet first magical experience was when she was staying at her uncle's house a week after she turned 10. She had turned on a light bulb without even flicking the switch. Scarlet was amazed a what she could do. Her uncle noticed that she could magic like him so when he took Scarlet home, he told her to do what she did at his house in front of her parents. Scarlett's parents just thought it was another one of Jason's tricks so they just left it and acted like nothing happened.

When the owl with Scarlet's Hogwarts letter appeared they finally believed Jason and allowed him to take Scarlet to get her school things.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Hogwarts (1st-)
Higher education: O.W.L. Results
Charms —
Transfiguration —
Herbology —
Defense Against the Dark Arts —
Potions —
Care of Magical Creatures —
Astronomy —
History of Magic —
Muggle Studies —
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms —
Transfiguration —
Herbology —
Defense Against the Dark Arts —
Potions —
Care of Magical Creatures —
Astronomy —
History of Magic —
Apparition —

Talents (hidden or not): Quiddtch
Extremely skilled at: History of Magic
Extremely unskilled at: Pratical Magic
Good characteristics:
Character flaws:

Color: Every shade of red
Clothing style/Outfit:
Literature: Any

Recent developments: Scarlet has recently found out she has Icelandic descent, and her Grandmother was a disowned princess


Scarlet is always trying to be really happy and optimistic. She also is very social and will talk to anyone that comes her way and loves being in massive crowds of people normally living in the moment. Scarlet is rather smart in a theoretical sense but when it comes to a practical way she is absolutely useless. She loves to also brag about her intelligence which leads to some people disliking her.

Worst bad habit:
Pet Peeves:


Kate Mara


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Extended family:

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Most prized possession: