Sascha Evadne Bedroom

Sascha's room is very bright and it is usually fairly messy. She has pink walls, her favorite color, except for the white accent wall next to her bed. Padhraigh and Polyxena, her parents have given Sascha a small television, radio and a laptop computer that have been hexed. They no longer need electricity and go off and stay off at 10pm. Delwyn, Sascha's puppy and Phiona her kitten are usually in here, in Sascha's room playing together or chewing on anything Sascha forgot to pick up off the floor that day.

This is where you should RP with Sascha, I do not communicate well in the comments section. I do not not wish to unless instructed to do so.

Sascha RL
Sascha Guthrie – Seamstress (Twilfitt and Tattings)
TALK – “Lamour est souvent doux le désir toujours une rage.” {{{1}}}
Sascha looked at you. "Hiiiiieeee!" she smiled and waved.


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