The things which matter to her.


Maple hilt Black Walnut wand

Sarah's wand

Wand - Maple hilt, Black Walnut, 7 1/2 inches, Jarvey Tooth - The Jarvey's name was Harvey, after the Pookha, as he had a similarly Puckish sense of humor. The wand has a disconcerting tendency to giggle in dangerous situations, which Sarah, of course, doesn't hear.

Translation pendant

Kaleidoscopic pendant. When Sarah sets this item spinning in its setting, it translates her gestures and signs into English (although it can be adjusted to provide other languages), using a magical voice modeled on her own. She doesn't alway feel like using it, however. If the proximity limitation isn't set, it will translate any signs within about twelve feet of the pendant. With the limitation active, it applies only to Sarah herself.


VRSCX V-Rod Destroyer

Sarah's beloved Hog

Her only notable inheritance, in material terms, from her parents, is a motorbike her father lovingly restored from near scrap status - a VRXSE V-Rod "Destroyer", upon which a minor permanent charm has been placed, to make it look, and feel to a Muggle, like a VRSCX V-Rod, which is street legal.

Whenever mankind and wizardkind get too much, there's always her place.


She's found a Caracal head brooch, set with amethysts, which she wears on special occasions.


Sarah is unquestionably 'a snapper-up of unconsidered trifles', though thankfully not a kleptomaniac (she buys them and, very occasionally, restrains herself from so doing). There are no known limits.


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