Samantha Fowler

3rd year ~ Gryffindor ~ Curious at Heart


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Samantha Fowler

Hogwarts 3rd Year

Vital Statistics
Born January 3rd
Age 13
Family Mother: Ruby Manchester

Father: John Fowler

Sister: Mellie Fowler

Brother: Tom Fowler

Gender Female
Species Human/Witch
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Signature 100px
Magical Characteristics
Wand Vine, 11', Dragon Core
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Pure - Blood
Patronus Dolphin
Boggart Snakes and Spiders

Friends and Acquaintances


Ruby Manchester and John Fowler were both smart Ravenclaw's. They both were always on top when it came to class. This made it though that they never really formed great friendships with others. It wasn't until after they graduated when they slowly started to fall in love. They moved to a place in Godric's Hollow, England and had 3 children. From oldest to youngest they are Samantha Fowler, Mellie Fowler and Tom Fowler.

Samantha had always been a wild child. She would find her mom's old quidditch broom and get on it, until she flew in a tree. She would steal her dad's wand until sparks flew everywhere. They are nervous for her going to Hogwart's but on the other hand know it will be good for her. They also want her to be Ravenclaw but know deep down she does not belong to that house. Samantha doesn't want to let her parents down or make her year younger sister, Mellie, dissapointed. So she's going to try her hardest to be her best as possible at Hogwarts.


Samantha is very sneaky. She can easily hide from things and people. She get's of trouble this way. She has a great sense of humor at times. She will fight if someone start's it. She's grown up with a wizard family her whole life so she know's about wizarding but not much. She doesn't really like class all that much, but she will learn enough to get decent grade's. Her family and friends are super important to her and will do anything for them.


Model is India Eisley