Magical abilities and skills

Spells List

Admin Approved

Incendio - Transfiguration - Produces fire

Color-Change Charm - Charm - Changes an objects color

Metallum - Transfiguration - Turns a match into a needle

Lumos - Charm - Create a small light on the wand's tip

Nox - Charm - Counterspell to Lumos

Aguamenti - Transfiguration - Conjures water

Snufflifors - Transfiguration - Transfigures small mice into books

Impervious - Charm - Make something repellant to substances

Cheering Charm - Charm - Causes target to become happy and content

Carpe Retratum - Charm - Pulls items or objects towards you, or you towards them

Freezing Charm - Charm - makes the target immobile

Engorgio - Charm - Causes objects to grow in size

Reparo - Charm - Fixes broken objects

Sonorous - Charm - Makes target's voice louder

Quietus - Charm - Makes target's voice quieter

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