Reign Martinez
The Artist
Important Information
Gender Female
Family None
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5"8
Affiliation Hogwarts
Wand Dragon Heartstring, Ebony
Species Witch
Home Madrid



Reign is a quiet person, preferring to stay in the shadows than in the spotlight, she struggles to make friends and has a habit of disappearing into her own head than focus on the world around her. However, she's quite lonely and often wishes she was the centre of something, having grown up being surrounded by other people. She often feels lost and doesn't like crowds.

Good with her hands, she loves to create, whether it be paintings, sculpture, or even stories (sometimes, she's not very good at writing but she does it for fun). As she often keeps herself company, she always has her sketchpad on her. She also loves comics, having gotten into them at a young age, and has quite a collection she skims through when she can't sleep.


However, Reign can be quite snarky and sarcastic when she wants to be, especially when the other person is getting on her nerves. Having little patience, she can often be brisk and blunt when something becomes too long or irritating. However, she's also quite reckless, often allowing herself to jump into something out of simple curiosity, not truly thinking it through.

Reign also struggles to concentrate on things that she doesn't enjoy, namely study. Though not failing, she's average at best and often puts off studying as much as she can. However, she's good at picking up on the world and information around her and she utilises this to pull through in her education.



Her parents were workers in the Ministry of Magic, her mother somewhere in the higher ranks whilst her father was one of her staff. Victoria, her mother, had an affair with her father and wasn't at all fussed when she fired him after a month or so. However, three months later she found out she was pregnant with Reign. She passed her off as a child of her husband's and there Reign was raised. However, Reign grew up feeling scorned by her mother, never being able to connect with her in the way Reign had hoped. She was, however, adored by her step father and often snuck out of bed at night to spend time with him.

She had a large family, one of eight, and was the sixth born child. As a consequence, Reign was often alone and during this time developed her adoration for comics and art. She had a small group of friends at school, but she could never bring herself to spend more time than necessary with them and preferred her own company. However, when she was eight years old, her mother was fired from her work, accused of corruption and immoral behaviour. As a consequence, her mother withdrew to a quieter job as a Magical lawyer. Reign wasn't too bothered by this, not really believing it affected her until they moved to Madrid.

When she was nine, she had her first instance of magic where she erupted into a rare fight with one of her siblings. During the commotion, objects such as glasses, books, began to fly across the room, and it was only when Reign's step father entered the room, calming her down, did the objects fall back as well.

When she was ten years old, her father was killed trying to track down a dark wizard, as he was an Auror. Not only did it cause emotional pain but financial pain, as well. Though they had large amount of savings, as there was eight of them with a full time working mother, they were forced to be taken care of by external person. Victoria was often heard praising Hogwarts for taking the children away for most of the year as she could barely handle them when they were all at home. When Reign was eleven, she got her Hogwarts letter and was sorted into Gryffindor. Though she doesn't like crowds, she adored the classes and finally being able to use magic.

She stayed away from friendship groups, though, finding the idea of socialising both scary and daunting and often tried to latch onto one of her siblings. She often spent her time painting, though. She immortalised everything she could see into her work, often disregarding her study as a consequence. However, she mourned the summer holidays, preferring the independence of Hogwarts.