Dark castle

Rebekka Kaiser's Mansion outside of Berlin. From here she oversees her troops and nation.

Forces Movements

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Duxterran Forces – The Duxterran Army
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They Defend

Allies Forces – Combined Armies of the Allied Forces
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They Attack

Rebekka's Office

Flames – Shane Frozon's Phoenix
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Flames flies across the sky and glances at Rebekka.  Then he glances at the water, then back at her.  He flies away.

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The Potion fills up the castle and kills all inside and near.

The Aftermath


President John Richards

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Is everyone accounted for?

Linch – Advisor to the Minister
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Just about.  Sadly we lost a few hundred in the final moments at Kaiser's mansion.  We found all the bodies but one....Rebekka Kaiser's...