This is the cabin in the woods where the Quickflame family lives, deep in a Scottish forest. The cabin seams to be disproportionally sized, almost like a child's playhouse, until you learn that it is home to goblins.

The cabin is made of wood and stone. Around the far side is a large cage. The cage is 5 feet tall, plenty of headroom or a goblin to walk inside. The cage is full of turned-over soil. You can in fact only see the very top of the cage — 30 more feet of cage lay below the ground, filled with dirt. This is a niffler inclosure.

Next to that sits a large bird inclosure where a falcon lives.

The inside of the house is rather dim, and calls of Gobbledegook words can often be heard as the residents call to each other from different rooms.



Linaeke (Summer and school holidays)
Anezet (Permanent)
Ryeler (Permanent)
Nornok (Permanent)
Cilnok (Permanent)


Jacy (Linaeke's falcon)
Svalt (Ryeler's niffler)


File:The sink.jpg
kitchen is small, as goblins don't do much cooking. A wooden cupboards on the wall holds dishes, pots, cups, and utensils. Another cupboards holds food: some roots, mushrooms and other fungi. There is very little food stored, as most food is gotten fresh on a daily basis from the forest that surrounds then.

Narrow counter-tops line 2 of the 4 walls of the rooms. The counter-tops are usually a little cluttered with baskets of food, bags, toys, dishes (usually clean ones) and other things.

There is no stove nor oven. A window above the sink looks out over the forest. In the middle of the room is a clean wooden table with chair neatly pushed in around it.

The flagstone floor is always neatly swept. The backdoor leads into the kitchen.

Living room

The living room is the darkest room in the house. It has no windows and all light comes from the fire burning in the stone fireplace. The front door leads into this room, and the door is constantly being opened and shut as the children of the house, Linaeke, Nornok and Cilnok, run in and out.

Nornok and Cilnok's room

This is the bedroom of the brothers Nornok and Cilnok. The room is a mess, despite their mother's efforts to keep it neat. Dirty clothes lay on the wooden floor, and toys are everywhere. The boys beds (which are more like a messy nest of tangled blankets) are opposite walls of the room. There is a window-seat where the boys can often be found giggling together. Near the door is the cabinet where both of the boys clothes are kept. Their mother says it is near the door so she can put their clothes away without going far into the room.

Anezet and Ryeler's room

This small room is the neatest room in the house. The bed is always neatly made and clothes are always folded neatly in the 2 dressers. The wooden floor has 2 small rugs spread out on it. Many beautiful, bright metal wall hangings hang on the walls.

Linaeke's room

Linaeke's room is located in the attic, as she insisted that she needed somewhere to get away from her brothers. Her room is neat enough. The blankets on her bed are rumpled, but otherwise her bed is basically made. Most of her clothes are put away, but some of the more recently laundered ones still sit in the piles on her dresser where her mum put them.
File:Braided rug.jpg

The room is pretty big as it is the attic. A braided rug lays on the smooth wooden floor. One window is at the end of the attic. A large skylight near the other end brings lots of light into the room.

A ladder-like staircase leads from the rest of the house up to Linaeke's room, and she has been known to bar it when she's mad at her family.

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