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Pythia Nicole Tesla
Don't Call Her Gifted.
May 20th
Blood Status
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Pythia is a fourteen year old Slytherin, and a seer. God, she hates being a seer. Oh, she's also related to the madman who experimented with electricity... Or something.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
"Cute, I guess?"
Magdalena Zalejska

Gospić. Croatia
Native Language
Croatian, Serbian
Earliest Memory
Her first vision; Her brother's gender reveal. "Ugh, I was hoping for a sister."
Type of Childhood
"Okay, I guess."

the Tesla family, in the 1800's, were a simple religous family. Then, Nikola was born and he defined the family for generations. The town that Zoran Tesla and Lena Vasic were born and raised was famous for being the birthplace of the man who invented the Tesla Coil. Zoran and Lena did not care for the celebrity status, but they kept the name. Why, is a mystery to their third child and only daughter, Pythia. Unlike her siblings, who took well to the spotlight and what their name is famous for, Pythia grew up hating the spotlight, just wanting a normal life. Alas, somewhere down the line, a Tesla married a witch, which ruined the chances of her bloodline ever being normal again.

Pythia was bound to find out that it was not just the witch blood that would make her life that more interesting. Pythia was the definition of a middle child with two older brothers and two younger. When she was 7, her youngest brother was still in her mother's stomach. It was a week to the gender reveal when Pythia had suddenly dropped her both of cereal, her eyes going white. When she snapped out of it, she winced at the headache, and suddenly spoke, "I was hoping for a sister!"

When her parents finally found out what she meant, they were shocked to say the least. It wasn't until Lena's family revealed the seer heritage that they understood. Pythia was, least to say, not as happy as her parents were to find out who she was. It wasn't much longer, though already confirmed, when Pythia had her first sign of magic; The lights flickered in her house. Pythia made a joke about their heritage and electricity, and then she left for school. Talk about not reacting. Pythia knew damn well what she did, but she honestly knew nobody cared.

Pythia received her letter to Durmstrang on her birthday. She didn't hate the school. People treated her pretty normal and it was pretty easy to hide her Seer abilities. She hid them because whenever she mentioned it, they made a huge deal about it; If only they knew the discomfort the 'gift' came with. Of course, it wouldn't last long. Zoran had found a new job with the Ministry of Magic in Britain, in the Department of Technological Advancements. Of course. Pythia and her family had to follow, and she's enrolling in Hogwarts for her fourth year in school.

Pythia is very much hoping not to reveal her abilities, but what are the chances of that? She'll just let life lead her into the unpredictable future-- Wait. Shit.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Funny, Smart, Chill
Worst Qualities
Secretive, Snappy, Holds A Grudge.
Most Influenced By
Her name
The Tesla name ruined any of Pythia's hope for a normal life; Back at home, she'd be treated as a princess. In America, people would tease her for her name. But Pythia doesn't let it bother her. She's one of those people who can take a lot of crap. She doesn't particularly care what people think of her. She'll even make jokes at her own expense. Pythia uses jokes mostly as a way of coping, and she has a very dark sense of humor. Call her out for it, she'll call you pussilanimous.

That's the other thing about her, really. Pythia insults people so smoothly, you'd expect her to be one of those people who insults everyone. Mostly, though. Pythia keeps her thoughts to herself. She likes to thingk of herself as an extrovert, but she focuses more of others than she does herself. Pythia can be a great friend, if you don't mind jokingly being called a bitch.

Pythia loves using big words, if only not to convince her brothers she's not as dumb as they think she is. She isn't, of course, but brothers will be brothers. Pythia is, other than that, not one to show off. Reiterating: She focuses more on other people rather that herself. her borthers have affected her more ways than one. Meaning, she's much tougher than she looks. After being teased, bulllied, hit, etc due to living with four other guys. That happens.

Pythia had always felt as if she had something to prove to her family; She was never the favorite, despite being the only girl. No, that honor went to her smartest brother; The second oldest. Due to that, Pythia always seemed to dislike him a bit more than the others, despite loving her entire family. Due to him getting all the attention (EI her point of view), Pythia seems to do some things just for the attention, like acting out. Going out to party. One thing she would never, EVER, do is lie about having a vision. She wishes she never had them in the first place.

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skills and magical abilities
As much as she wishes NOT to have this ability, Pythia is cursed gifted with the ability to sense and see the future. Her gut feelings are never wrong.

Lena Tesla

Zoran Tesla
Older Brother 1
Older Brother 2
Younger Brother 1

Younger Brother 2



Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Relationship Status
First Love
Languages Spoken
English, Croatian, Serbian
Being electrocuted
Favorite Drink
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Color


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