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This is Preston's apartment located in Hogsmeade. Though it is only one bedroom, it's plenty big enough for Preston. It's dark, just how he likes it; however, Truly made him put some style into it. If it were up to him, it'd be completely plain, but she insisted. That's what he gets for letting her buy his flat screen...



This is the main area within the apartment where you can sit down, relax, and even grab a bite to eat in the attatched kitchen.



This is Pres's bedroom - basically the only place he can actually think. It's also most likely his favorite place in the world. There are no expectations other than his own. Unlike anything he's had before, this place is all his.






Coraline Patrick - Slytherin Graduate / Head Girl / Home-Based Professional Herbologist

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After a few letters back and forth, the pair had decided to meet at his apartment (which she was somewhat hoping she could convince him to let her to stay at for a bit while she raised up the money for an apartment of her own). As the brunette walked up the different floors of the complex to get to his apartment, she tried not to think about everything with him liking her, but it was damn near impossible. Once she got to the door that she trout was his, she was sure she had gotten those thoughts to fly away for a little while though, as she gave a small knock to the door.