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Homework is Due

This class has been assigned homework. See the Homework page for details.

House Point Hourglass
Gryffindor: 20 Points
Hufflepuff: 10 Points
Ravenclaw: 20 Points
Slytherin: 5 Points

Welcome to Potions

Please roleplay only under the year that you are in.

Years 5-7 with Professor Griffin are here.

Potion Class Dean and Seamus Finnigan.gif



Professor Elmira Griffin -Deputy Headmistress -Potionss Professor -Head of Ravenclaw- My Desk

 – 18:10, January 20, 2014 (UTC)

"Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Potions! I know that you were expecting Professor Ramley, but sadly, she was unable to return this year. So, you have me instead. I'll try my best to make class as good as when she was here, but there is no getting to her level. I just expect that you give me your respect while we go through this year, and we can have a good year!"

Alyssa - Bureaucrat
Send Me an Owl! - 00:10, February 19, 2014 (UTC)
Sorry about the inactivity of this class. I've been really busy, but it should be back to its normal activity now. :


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