Porticus Imago

Porctus Imago

The Porticus Imago is a large hall, strewn with mirrors, located within Hogwarts Castle. You might find some ghosts here, because they like to gather in such places.

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On reflection

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror (Original Clip)05:47

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror (Original Clip)

The various spirits are kept high with humming.


Archive 1


Liberty and Brynja

Liberty Stevens - Ice Lycanthrope ♠ First Year

- "No winter lasts forever."
Message Me

The girl was lost, plain to say. She took one turn and then another, finding herself in a hall of mirrors and bricks. Everywhere she turned, she saw her reflection, feeling panic rising up inside of her. What she saw warped until it was mixed reflections of Daniel, her mother, and herself, all whispering insults as they wove around her, sending her into a complete breakdown. She scrabbled backwards to the wall, beginning to cry and beg with the things she saw... but no one else did. The memory-self of Daniel finally knelt in front of the sobbing girl, raising a hand. He whispered several more insults, prompting Liberty to hunch into herself, pleading with him to stop, to not hurt her. A terrified cry came from her as she noted his raised hand, as she huddled closer to the wall.

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