Oxford Back Alley

Murder set

As you walk down here the smell of take-away fills your nose. You see the merriment of the main shopping street some meters in front of you. Tipped bins litter the floor, and there's some shouting from the flat above. Though you are in a city, here No One Can Hear You Scream!


Archive 1- Murder of Cora Birch

Archive 2- Attempted Murder of a Muggle Man

Archive 3- Chaos and Shadow

Archive 4- Murder of Lillith Jenner and Anastastia Tulen

Archive 5 - Morgan and Austen

Archive 6

Archive 7

Archive 8

Archive 9


Camila and Alfonso

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Send Me an Owl! - 00:56, October 17, 2017 (UTC)
Sadly, for Miss Camila Torres, that leaving of her brother would be the last she would ever do... The organization she worked with somehow managed to find out that she was related to creatures, particularly werewolves, and therefore basically held her prisoner, torturing her under nasty spells and weapons for hours before dumping the young woman's limp body in the entranceway of the Oxford Back Alley, bleeding and in obvious pain. Shudders and spasms raced through her entire figure, bringing quiet whimpers as she struggled to stay awake. Somehow, she managed to conjure a Patronus and watched with steadily fading sight as it bounded off in search of Alfonso.

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Message Me  - 01:07, October 17, 2017 (UTC)

As soon as he had gotten the patronus, he disapparated, searching for Cami. "Camila!" He yelled, before he spotted her body. He walked quickly over to her, checking her breathing. "Jesus." He mumbles. Why did he never study healing? Shaking his head, he picks her up gently and apparates away - In front of st Mungos.

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