'Order of the Phoenix: How it Works'

As we all know, a lot has come out of this merge. One of those things being the creation of the Order of the Phoenix! Well, I am here to explain, basically, how it works. Here goes:

Head and Co-Head

Of course, we have a Head, without that we wouldn't have any Order (see what I did there? Oh how I love puns). The current Head is Brandon Smith (roleplayed by: Bryans). The Co-Head was Shane Frozon, a past Headmaster and father-figure to Brandon. Together, they planned to reform the Order and fight agains the WHPS.

Advanced Members

Being an Advanced Member entails actually attending the meetings, and receiving the bulk of the information that is acquired. These are also the people who will lead in battle, as in they will be in charge of leading the splinter groups of Regular Users that will be involved in battle.

Regular Members

Being a Regular Member entails being an "ally" of the Order. So, technically, they are a part of it, but they don't go to the meetings and such. They will be directly involved in battles, however. They will, basically, be the army.

Note: Most people will be accepted under Regular Members. Now, all I need for you to do is, fill up the positions so that we can get the story going! Thank you.


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