Ophelia Rawkes - Mother
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"Hello- come to read more about me, have you?" She interrogated. "Well, be advised, my life isn't very pretty."
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February 29th



Blood status


Marital status


Also known as

Mother (Mum, Mummy) , Squib Daughter


Ophelia Rawkes (née Green)

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Squib Witch, Human





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Family members

Rawkes Family:
Astorie Cleo Rawkes, Youngest Daughter/Child
Adria Pandora Rawkes, Second Youngest Daughter/Child
Alivia Sybil Rawkes, Second Oldest Daughter/Child
Apollo Cyrus Rawkes, Oldest Child/Son

Magical characteristics









Real Estate Agent


Rawkes Residence


Rawkes Family, (Disowned by Green Family)


Ophelia Green's life started in a Famous, Magical hospital in Britain known as St. Mungos along with her three other siblings on February 29, 1977. She had two brothers and one sister by the names of Monica, Jared and Oscar. Even though everyone looked at her and knew she was filled with promise, a magic life was not for her, because she would soon find out that she did not possess any magical power- otherwise known as a Squib. She was the youngest of them all and the most hated. The meaning by hated wasn't just by comparison- it actually was a surprise that her family let her live with them in a small cottage in Godrics Hallow, known as 63, Remmington Lane. Ophelia learned to despise that name, to dread it with every ounce of her being. The worst part is, they didn't pay heed to her or even acted like she was there, and that felt far worse than any form of punishment or cruelty. Once she was 18- on her birthday- in the middle of a snow storm, they threw her out on the street.

After that, she got a room at the Leaky Cauldron (one of the only places she knew of), and agreed to tend the bar in exchange for a decent place to live and 10 Galleons a week. After 3 months of working at the Cauldron she met a young, charming, and half-blood Travis Rawkes. He was rumored to be trouble through and through- and very odd at that, but she saw something worth saving- or at least that's how she would describe it. They dated for a year and soon got married, having four beautiful children: Astorie Cleo Rawkes, Astorie Pandora Rawkes, Alivia Sybil Rawkes, and Apollo Cyrus Rawkes. Soon after they got married, and Travis started questioning her, she decided to tell Travis that she couldn't do magic- and not because she was a muggle. He- completely shocked, and left her and the children, soon filing for divorce. After he left, she didn't bother to tell her kids about the wizarding-world and let them believe they were muggles. Years later, when her children were old enough to be home alone with a babysitter without complete disaster happening, she went to college.

During her last year of college, she met an admirable muggle man who went by the name Percival "Percy" Birch on a city bus and they grew closer, soon to get married- although Ophelia didn't change her name due to confusion as to who were her children's parents. After college, both Percy and herself set off to get jobs- and snazzy ones at that. Percy had gotten a job working for an internet database since his second language was "Computer-nese". As for Ophelia- she set out to be a Real Estate Agent. Her children grew up- keeping to themselves most of the time, and once they got their letter to Hogwarts and a Ministry employee with the name Chad Gladstone explained magic to her family, she was devastated- That life wasn't natural, it wasn't right, and it surely wasn't good if the rest of her horrifying family went to that very school and had magic. Gladly, her husband took it well, saying it was a "Fine opportunity to express and learn arts that were out of the ordinary", but when he said it like that it sounded all bright and dandy- but it wasn't, not to her. She learned to live with the fact that she wasn't normal, and nor was her family- except for Percy, He was her savior when it came to things like this, when it came to the Wizarding-World. Although she had a way of coping with all of it, she usually shut it out, not answering directly to questions about magic and other things.

All of her kids got sorted into different houses, all with their different positives and negatives, and each of her offspring shone like a star in their area of expertise. When her children were in their fourth year at Hogwarts they questioned their origins and blood purity. Soon, Adie somehow contacted her previous husband, Travis, who later showed up at their house (The Rawkes Residence) to see his children for the first time since he left, causing an argument to spring up. Later, another argument would happen between Ophelia and her children, causing Ophelia to use magic for the first time in her life.


Ophelia has always had a good sense of judgement, and her own feeling of right and wrong. When she was a child, before anyone ever knew she couldn't preform magic- she was a bright, happy, friendly little thing, but now there seems to be something brooding and melancholy about her; of someone who fell down a countless number of times and now doesn't care to get back up again. After her first husband left her, she became secretive and very reserved. Over time- she also learned to master the act of Self-control.



Ophelia in her Youth.

Ophelia grew up with very light and fair blonde hair- but it grew darker as she aged. Although her eyes are the same Grey-green they have been all her life. Her hair naturally curls when it exceeds a certain length, but she prefers to keep it short and out of the way. She is barely Five feet and Five inches tall with a circular face. She commonly wears a black jacket and pencil skirt with a grey blouse when at work, but at home she sports worn out trainers, plain t-shirt and jeans.

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