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Full Name Oliver Ualan Ennis Whitacre
Nickname ...
Basic Info
Birthday July 26th, 2010
Nationality English; Irish
Home Cholmeley Lodge, Highgate Hill, London, England
Relationship Info
Status Single Dating Allison Knight
Sexuality Heterosexual; Heteromantic
Best Friend Allison Knight
Pets Rinne
Family On The Wiki The Whitacre family; Kole Whitacre, Fiona Whitacre, Lilah Whitacre, Henry Whitacre, Eloise Whitacre, Rowena Whitacre

School/Career Info
House Ravenclaw
Year/Occupation Seventh Year
Titles ...
Optional Classes Taken Muggle Studies
Magical Info
Species Wizard
Blood Status Half-Blood
Wand Core
Wand Wood
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Boggart Being the offender
Patronus Wolf

Model Baptiste Radufe
Gender Male
Hair Colour Blond
Hair Length/Style Shaggy, loosely tousled.
Eye Colour Blue
Skin Colour Light
Clothing Style Casual, loose fitting comfortable clothing.
Other Info About Looks
Oliver hates dressing up. He is rather skinny, and has no defined personal sense of style, other than 'less is more'.

Colour Midnight Blue
Music Classical
Food Anything good
Sweets Caramel
Animal A hylid frog
Class History of Magic
Season/Weather Fall
Dream Job ...
Happiest When...
He can help others

I'd Rather Not Standout.

"Never miss a good chance to shut up."

Tumblr mf0qnsneMe1qh48u5o1 500

Oliver is the exact opposite of the greater majority of the Whitacre septuplets, more specially Kole. Oliver doesn't want to stand out more then he has to. He doesn't really like starting the conversations as it brings unwanted attention. He doesn't really talk much making him appear to be quieter, and more reserved then his other siblings.


Oliver gives the impression of being very reserved, and he is. When he gets to know someone, they can watch him become a more relaxed, and extremely goofy person. He is also remarkably smart, but he doesn't flaunt it. In fact, he very rarely shows it.

He is distant, and somewhat aloof. He will take action when he witnesses someone getting hurt in some way.


Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)

He figured this would happen. Kole, Lilah, and Eloise. Rowena and Fiona. Henry and himself. He was right, aside from Fiona ending up alone, he swears the Sorting Hat can read minds.


I was born to Caitlín Eliot and Finlay Whitacre Senior on July 26th along with my six siblings. I was born and raised in a Muggle and Magical community of Kettering.

My first sign of having magic came when I was three years old. I wanted to get some children's book from the top shelf. Don't ask me how it got there. I wanted it so bad I actually started to cry when it suddenly was in my hands.

My mother is a Dark Witch. This, caused her to leave us when we were only two years old. My father desperately wanted to follow her, for he was in love with her. She refused it telling him that it was all for the best. She left, leaving my father heart-broken. I don't think he ever was the same after that.

My father, started to surround himself with women. When he first started I had know idea who these many different personages were all the same person, My mother. She convinced me when I was ten years old. She was under the pseudonym of Helen Gilbert. She showed me a diary that she kept. Once when I was very little, peeked inside of it. Which is why she showed me it. From then one, I had no doubt in my mind that she was my mother.

From my first to third year, I attended Koldovstoretz with my other six siblings. Before the school year started, I learned all that I could of the language there. I don't really like it much though. At Koldovstoretz, I always sat near the back of the classroom, paying attention yet never participating. Near the end of our third year we got a letter saying that we were accepted to transfer over to Hogwarts. I was semi-excited.

During his fourth, fifth, and sixth year, he stayed quiet not really speaking.


He extremely talented, and when it comes to books he read at an advanced level. He prefers Wisdom literature, books presumed to offer insight and wisdom about nature and reality. He loves them.

He is pretty smart when he actually participates.

Tumblr mq9hogva6a1rnx6mdo2 500

Finlay Whitacre "I don't think he ever was the same after Mother left."

Catilin Elliot "I love my mother. I just haven't really gotten in contact with her much lately"

Kole - "Kole is a bit full of himself. He really annoys me."

Fiona -

Eloise - "She is cold and distant. I don't think she likes hanging out around me much."

Henry -

Lilah -

Rowena - "She can be very inquisitive. It really annoys me at times."

Rinne the Ural Owl named after German otologist Heinrich Adolf Rinne

Oliver is Heterosexual, and currently single dating. His girlfriend is his year mate Allison Knight.


Oliver:"Olive Tree"

Ualan: Strength, Valor

Ennis: "Ennis, Ireland"

Being the bully

He plans on becoming a part of the Ministry.

He sometimes acts like a smart alec just to piss his siblings off.

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