Even though it doesn't say it in the title, this page includes Nicole Kathleen's Weaknesses too.



  • A self-portrait, Drawn
  • This is what Nicole Kathleen thinks she would look like if she was a goth, Painted
  • A portrait of Nicole Kathleen's mother, Sage, Drawn
  • A painting of a wolf, Painted
Nicole Kathleen is great at drawing anime, though she never admits it, she is also great at painting anime -->


When Nicole Kathleen sings, she sounds a lot like Pixie Lot, Adele, Nicki Minaj and The Saturdays combined.

Story Writing

Though she doesn't know it, Nicole Kathleen's story writing skills are great - her mother always said so though Nicole Kathleen always denied it.

Survival & Knowledge on Nature

This is probably the only strength Nicole Kathleen takes credit for, she spent ages as a child researching Nature & Survival skills.



Nicole Kathleen hates giving herself credit, she believes that others should get the glory.

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