Nathaniel Wilde
February 27
Name Pronunciation
Blood Status
Half-Blood; Half-Banshee
Wizard; Half-Banshee
rped by your royal highness

Nathaniel Elijah Wilde is a fifth year half-banshee Ravenclaw attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
With dark brown hair that can be swiped to the side, and wide brown eyes that are filled with so much pain and suffering yet so much love, it's difficult to not find Nathaniel adorable. The dimples in his cheeks, as much as he hates to admit it, double the cuteness and triple the effect he has on the people he meets. His eyes hold all the pain and suffering he's gone through and still is going through, leading one to have absurd thoughts such as those have to be someone else's eyes. Moreover, Nathan's almost always wearing comfortable clothes, usually sporting a nice jacket, no matter what the temperature.

Native Language
English, French
It's a mix from all his siblings' accents.
Earliest Memory
Liam's wife's arrival
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear

This story follows Nathaniel Wilde, but before we can even get to his story, we've gitta understand where and how he came to be. Lillith was a Banshee, but she was an exception to their nature - she looked like a human. Moreover, she couldn't quite feel like humans could. She used men, and then broke their hearts, leaving them to never be seen again until she found another toy to play with. One of these naïve men was Liam Brown. They concieved a child - their only child - before Lillith vanished, never to be seen again.

This child was later going to be known as Nathan Elijah Wilde.

Nathan wasn't aware of his heritage until he was eight. During those eight years, Liam met countless women, laid them, and then kicked them out the next morning. The playboy continued his ways until a woman tamed him. She was rainbows and sunshine at first. If only her sons were like that.

Jacob and William were nightmares. They sought out to make Nathaniel's life as miserable as possible. His father was well aware of what was happening with his young son, but he was too smitten with Olivia to do anything against the boys. He was too smitten to realize Olivia was using him for his magic. Too smitten to realize he was dealing with a witch whose wand had been broken. Too smitten to stand by his son when he most needed it.

Morgana Brown was Liam's eldest child - his only daughter - and Nathan's older sister. Her mother had died a few days prior to her arrival to Liam's house, and as her father, Liam had to take her in.

Morgana was quite obviously the only person to defend Nathan, even if she was older than him by eight years or so. She stuck up for him, even when he made the pots in the kitchen fly, and when the TV mysteriously turned on in his presence. She was the one who stayed by his side even when his neighbors died in a car accident down the street, and he screamed his lungs out, before promptly passing out. She was there through it all, until the day she died.

It was a day like no other. Nathan was almost ten by then, and Morgana had recently turned sixteen. They went on with their normal routine, and everything was fine until a few hours past curfew. Nathan was sleeping in Morgana's bed, like he often did whenever he felt uncomfortable. It happened a lot - he felt very stiff and weird, with a dreadful feeling at the pit of his stomach. He had no idea why.

The next thing he knew, he woke up to two loud bangs and an earsplitting scream. Morgana forced Nathan to hide under the bed, and from there, he witnessed two men in black rush into the room. One took all of Morgana's jewellry, while the other tried to knock Morgana out. Seeing how she was putting a fight, she was swiftly taken care of, before the two men promptly left the room and later the house. The last thing Nathan remembered from that night was another ear-splitting scream before it all went dark.

When he woke up fiftty five minutes later, he was dizzy and disoriented. It was all a nightmare. It had to be. He could hear many voices in his head, but they all were drowned out by one voice. Morgana's. Seeing her limp and pale body, Nathan knew better than anyone something was wrong. She was dead. How could he hear her?

His ignorance cost him two more minutes. By the time he had three left, he decided to talk back, and test the waters. See if the voice was real or not. Quite surprisingly, he held a conversation wit his deceased sister, but it mostly consisted of him crying, and her consoling him and trying to get him to see he wasn't at fault.

"You could have been saved!" "Nathaniel Brown, you are not at fault here. Whoever broke in caused my death. Not you."

Before his sister's voice could fade from his mind, Nathan was forced to promise promised that he would move on from her death. That he wouldn't blame himself. Or at least, he would try.

Removing himself from the room, Nathaniel raced to his own and got everything he could, stuffing it into two duffel bags before making a run for it. He didn't know whether his father and his family were alive, and quite frankly, he didn't care either. They were nothing to him.

Nate was on his own for a week and a half. His birthday passed without a celebration. He was all dirty, and smelled quite horrible when he was first found by WIP and WIP2 Wilde. Around them, Nate felt that dreadful feeling, and decided to confront them, even if it meant he would probably be taken to an orphanage, or the authorities at least.

Much to the boy's surprise, they knew what was happening with him. They didn't think he was crazy, like he was sure they would. Soon enough, the roles reversed. They were claiming he was a half-breed. A half-banshee. What the hell? What was that? What was wrong with him? Was he the son of the devil?

Seeing how distressed he was, they decided to elaborate on their suspicions. They answered his questions one by one, and explained and explained until they were sure he understood what they were saying. Nate very well understood. He knew what they were saying, but he couldn't be that. He couldn't. He knew he was a freak. William and Jacob made sure he understood that, but this was a whole new level of freak.

Recognizing that they couldn't allow such a young boy to fall into the hands of someone who wouldn't understand what he was, and give them the care he needed, the couple opted for taking him in themselves. Nate was wary at first. Were they trustable? After beginning to make the procedure legal, and after a lengthy investigation, WIP and WIP2 were proclaimed Nate's guardians.

Nathaniel was then introduced to the Wilde family - the people that would be his family for the rest of his life. To say they're a freak show would be an understatement, but Nathan fit right in. That's ecactky what he was. A freak.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Caring; Total Gentleman; Loyal
Worst Qualities
Quiet; Closed Off; Antisocial
Most Influenced By
One thing about Nathan: he's definitely quieter than most kids his age. He prefers to stay back and observe, rather than take part in everything that's happening. He's difficult to open up, but when people manage to do so, they see he's generally an understanding and caring person. He values loyalty above anything else, as Morgana has taught him, and once you have him on your side, he'll be the perfect person to rant to. He's not good with advice at all unles it involves cooking or doing dishes, though, so don't expect him to give you the greatest piece of advice ever.

As a perk of being observant, Nathan takes note of a lot of things. He can figure out your tells when lying, how you react when you're panicking or nervous, when you're in the need of help, etc. He's also quite artistic, and it helps him take his mind off many things - things including his abilities, and his magic. The exact same things that make him the perfect addition to the freakshow that's his new family. Similarly, doing domestic chores as cooking, doing the dishes, and washing windows help him cope with everything. They're his small escape - the things that lead him into Neverland. His own little happy place. Not that being a Wilde isn't a happy thing, but things can get hectic. Too hectic for Nathaniel to handle.

Raised by a family that expected nothing less than perfection from it, as he'd otherwise get insulted down, Nathan's definitely a gentleman. He treats women as if they were flowers, and makes his best to make any and every girl he knows feel like a princess. That is, of course, once his quiet, observing walls have dropped long enough to let you in.

As a sufferer of PTSD and mild survivor's guilt, it's quite difficult to get Nate to sleep. He usually can't, his mind infiltrated by nightmares, unless he's cuddling with someone. This is exactly why he dreads attending Hogwarts - he won't be able to cuddle up to anyone, and will have to begin relying on heavy potions such as the dreamless one. He's certain it won't work on him, but who knows? Maybe a miracle will happen, and he no longer is plagued by the nightmares of that accursed night.

talk bubble


skills and magical abilities



*The involuntary screams drain him, so he needs a good ten to twelve hours of sleep every night just in case.
*He feels an uncomfortable, dreadful feeling whenever he's around a scene death has occurred, or whenever he's around people who death will claim soon.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Relationship Status
Favorite Drink
Hot Chocolate - especially when it has a bar of melted cheese inside. Quite calming.
Favorite Sweet
Cinnamon Rolls
Amortentia Scents
Morgana's perfume
Favorite Song
"Shots," the Broiler Remix (Imagine Dragons)
"It's You," the Broiler Remix (Syn Cole)


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