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Welcome to Mitchell's Interior Designs! Moving into a new house, or apartment? Sprucing up your office space? Look no further, as Katie Mitchell is here to help! With an eye for detail, and a mind with endless possibilities, your new space is sure to look just the way you always dreamed! As you come in, you can check out examples of her work, which are pictured in various places, as well as look at different samplings of furniture, or color palettes for your paint jobs. Katie's office is off to the right, where she does all of her consultations.


Office Spaces, large or small: 8 Galleons
Small Apartment (One-Two Bedrooms): 15 Galleons
Large Apartment (Three Bedrooms, or more): 18 Galleons
Small House (One level): 20 Galleons
Large House (Two levels): 25 Galleons
OOC: Having difficulties finding pictures for your character's office or living space? This is the place to come!


  • Katie Mitchell - Proprietress




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