'Ministry of Magic: How it Works'

As we all know, a lot has come out of this merge. One of those things being the creation of the Ministry of Magic! Well, I am here to explain, basically, how it works. Here goes:

Minister of Magic

Of course, we have a Minister, without that we wouldn't have a Ministry. The current Minister (who will be carrying over from Hogwarts RPg, due to story needs) is Nimue Edeson (roleplayed by: BachLynn23). The reason she is "carrying over due to story needs" is because she has a few very important view about the way wizards act. She, in a nutshell, wants to bring wizards into a "new modern age". This idea is opening up an avenue for a new "villian group" which I'll explain later.

Lower Positions

Positions such as Department Heads, etc. will be filled as necessary (the roster can be found here: Ministry of Magic Roster. Please Note: The roster isn't completely up-to-date. However, I will be editing it soon. A notice'll be posted at the top of the page when I have.) If you would like a position that is open, please sign up here.

Wizards Historical Preservation Society

This is that "villian group" that I mentioned earlier. So, eventually, there will be a peace summit. In this Peace Summit, a total of six countries will be involved. Those will be:

So, in this Peace Summit. Nimue Edeson, Minister for Magic, will propose Modernization.
Now what is Modernization? Modernization, literally, means to make modern. Therefore, this proposition is to integrate Muggle electronics (i.e. Computers, cars [that don't fly], etc.) into the way wizards do things.
At the end of this summit, we will have accomplished two things.
One, the U.S., the U.K., and France will have allied. And Russia, Germany, and Italy will have allied and created the Wizards Historical Preservation Society.
The overall point of the Society is to go against the Modernization movement.

Now, all I need for you to do is, fill up the positions so that we can get the story going! Thank you.


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