Ministerial Decree Number Thirty-Eight

Insofar as the organisation designating itself “the Wizards' Historical Preservation Society” has committed several, sundry and fatal acts against the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its citizenry, it has been determined by the Minister for Magic, Einar Faris, that, pursuant to the Ministerial Powers Act 1972, the abovementioned organisation, hereafter designated the WHPS, is in violation of the Terrorist Organisations Act 1984, and is hereby declared an illegal institution, with proven membership being an automatic act of high treason. The Crimes and Disorder Act 1998 having been suspended by the previous Ministerial Decree (Number Thirty-Seven), high treason is once more a capital offence within the jurisdiction of British law, and Aurors in the performance of their mandated duties will not be held accountable in the eyes of the law for actions taken against proven members of the WHPS. Membership in the WHPS will be deemed to extend without need for substantiation to any party offering aid or succour to the known membership thereof, or providing them with shelter from the rightful actions of the Ministry or its duly delegated representatives.

Those who declare WHPS membership and turn themselves in to the Ministry and its representatives will be afforded every opportunity to explain their association, and will not automatically incur such punishment as will befall members uncovered later.

Einar Faris, Minister for Magic

This means that the WHPS is from now on an illegal, terrorist organisation, and anyone proven to be a member faces life imprisonment or even execution. Those who declare membership immediately may avoid this punishment, if they seem genuinely not to have known the WHPS' nature, and did not participate in the attack on Frozon Manor. Aurors will not face any charges for the use of any magic or force, including Unforgivables, against proven WHPS members.

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