Millicent Greene

Roleplayed By Kayle


Full Name: Millicent Savannah Greene
Nicknames: Millie, Mills
Birthday: December 11th, 2015
Age: 18
Gender: Cis Female
Nationality: English, Italian, & Norwegian
Languages Spoken: English, Italian, & Norwegian

Blood Status: Half-Blood
Species: Witch
Wand Details: Chestnut, Dragon Heartstring, 7.75 in
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Firefly
Boggart: Darkness
Amortentia: Peaches, Fresh Wood, Rum

Schools: Hogwarts (1st-7th)
House: Hufflepuff
Occupation: Karasjok Kites Player
Current Titles: Professional Chaser
Former Titles: Prefect
OWLs: See Trivia

Orientations: Demi-Pansexual, Demi-Panromantic
Relationship Status: Dating Alden Attaway
Anniversary: March 11th, 2031
Best Friends: Alden and Arthur
Worst Enemies: N/A
Pets: See Trivia
Family: Lost Older Sister

Model: Taissa Farmiga (Emily Browning)
Hair Color: Brown/Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 4'8
Weight: 79 lbs
Body Type: Petite
Other: Big, Doe Eyes


Millicent Savannah Greene was born on December 11th, 2015 to Matthew and Lucille Greene, who already had three kids before that (each with four years apart, it's like they planned it out that way). At first, for not much more than a couple of months, everything was fine in the family of six, or that's what Millie was always told. Eventually, things turned around, with just a snap, and the poor infant came home with her father and two oldest siblings to find her other sister missing and her mother dead. Still, to this day, she hasn't been fully informed of the ins and outs of what caused the event, always being pushed off when she asks, although when she hit six years old, she stopped asking anyways.

Since Millie hadn't been more than a two month old infant at the time, her life continued on to be quite normal, despite the constant mourning and comparing her to her lost sister, who they eventually gave up looking for, although the young girl never caught why. Of course, she stopped asking, perhaps even stopped caring at some point, although it stopped being her age keeping her from being a pest, and more the growing anxiety she had. Just as a young girl, the small brunette felt constantly scared and nervous, like everything was out to get her for whatever reason, possibly building as it became evident she wasn't the same person as her older sister Lilah was. In fact, for a good amount of time, her siblings wouldn't go near her, although Elizabeth eventually took her under her wing, being the motherly figure she always needed, guiding her and protecting her from life, though it just made the anxiety worse.

When Millie was nine years old, she was yet to have her sign of magic, and it probably totally possible she was a Squib, with how she grew up fearing magic, not wanting to deal with it. By then, Peter had gone off to live in America, and was only sending letters for Christmas, and Elizabeth had graduated and moved out, leaving the young girl with her cold father most of the time. Although she was aware he tried to be good, he normally brought her anxiety to extreme levels when she was in the same room as him alone, making her normally stay away. As she neared age ten, she started to have things move, with a slight hop or shake, whenever she was around him, whether it was a lamp or an apple on the counter, it was always happening. It wasn't much. It was something though.

As she reached age eleven, she got her letter for Hogwarts, much to her relief, for she didn't need to be an even bigger disappointment than she already was to her family (although she found there to be nothing wrong with Squibs, she always had the feeling that her father might or her mother might hold a bit of disappointment from her grave). Soon enough, she was attending the school, being sorted into Hufflepuff, and hiding away every chance she got. It wasn't very eventful, seeing as she wanted to do nothing but hide. Now, she's in her second year, and she's still planning on just keeping away from everything.


Millie's impression normally given off to everybody around her is that she's constantly scared, waiting for something to happen, between constantly looking around or fidgeting nervously, both being habits she's more than happy to work on, but can't. If only it was just an appearance issue, but it isn't, for the girl is constantly scared out of her mind, to some degree, going through some of the worst anxiety one could have to be put through. It's put this girl into a shy, forever hesitant, quiet body, that won't let her do mostly anything, when somewhere deep within there's a cheerful and bubbly girl who wants to laugh and enjoy life. It's difficult for her to go through a sentence without stuttering, a conversation without flinching, or a class without feeling like crying. As if the world was against her, telling her it didn't want her to enjoy it.

Millie is truly a special girl though, don't let her look too plain and simple. If you can get her comfortable enough, where her breathes can be normal and her body is no longer tense, you'll see a girl of soft smiles and sweet laughs that could probably light up anyone's day. Although she'll never be more confident in herself or her abilities (though she's wicked good at identifying plants and how to care for them, since she has a knack for everything natural, for its more calming than everything else), and she'll still get her feelings hurt if you even look at her funny, she's still a different, brighter person than one could ever imagine.


Alden Attaway: Millie met Alden in their second year at Hogwarts, after she met Arthur. It was amazing having somebody so sweet to talk to. It wasn't a surprise when they began dating in their fourth year.
Arthur Attaway: Millie met Arthur in their second year at Hogwarts, before she met Alden. It hasn't been necessarily difficult speaking with him, especially with having Quidditch in common, but she still gets nervous around him.
Nuala McDermot: Millie met Nuala in her second year at Hogwarts, while trying to find the answer to a riddle together. It was a great friendship while it lasted, but they soon stopped talking due to being in different years.
Peter Greene: Millie and Peter haven't spoken in almost four years and seven years before that. Frankly, she's disappointed in their lack of a filial relationship, but she's exhausted from trying.
Sofia Fleming: Millie met Sofia over the course of several classes in their past at Hogwarts. At first, she seemed cool, but that admiration turned into hatred.


  • Millie's favorite class used to be Herbology, but then she could start taking Care of Magical Creatures which quickly replaced it. It's still a close second.
  • Millie has always loved flying around on a broomstick, even if Quidditch wasn't ever really her thing. Originally, she had wanted to try going for Seeker, but has since landed herself a Chaser position two years in a row.
  • Millie's favorite foods are peaches and potatoes, plus she's vegan as heck.
  • Millie's favorite colors are dark purple and teal, although a darker pink might work its way in there sometimes.
  • Millie's Myers-Briggs type is a small difference between INFJ and ISFJ.
  • Back in 2029, her fourteenth birthday resulted in a pet Fire Crab. A while afterwards during the summer of 2030, an old witch gave her a Kneazle kitten. Over the summer of 2032, her father purchased her a Poohuahua (Poodle-Chihuahua mix) for her belated birthday.
  • In her 5th year, Millie applied for Prefect and was turned down for another candidate. In her 6th and 7th years, she finally became Prefect.
  • Millie's OWLs were as followed: Care of Magical Creatures, History of Magic, and Muggle Studies (O), Herbology and Potions (E), Study of Ancient Runes (A), Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration (P). Millie would continue on to take all of these at a NEWT level.