Schedule Reminders

  • Week 13: Summer continues, quidditch try-outs open, and the summer party starts! QCs and Prefects may still apply.
  • Week 14: Last week of summer, the carriages open, and professors, head students, QCs and prefects are announced!
  • Week 1: Hogwarts finally opens!!


The Teachers page has been updated! If you applied for a professor please check it out and start preparing for your classes!

Head Students

Please join me in congratulating Joanne and Peter Adair for becoming Head Girl and Boy!


Pride: The pride in London occurs on July 8th IC and will be open from April 12th-19th OOC. Come show your pride by posting on one of the many designated Pride Locations! If you'd like to read more or find a Pride location to roleplay, check out Blue's blog.

Summer Party: The Southside Serpents are currently putting on a summer party for all Hogwarts students above the third year, taking place at the Swimming Hole located in the Old Forest and will be going on for one entire night (in character). The event will not be closed until April 29th which is the day Hogwarts officially opens to students. The party will continue through week 13 and 14 and overlap with the opening of carriages. Feel free to post up until the 29th. Read more here.

Character Contests

This month's theme is healers! Please submit your entry for the themed contest here! As always, our general contest is also running and you can submit your entry for that contest here!

Community Polling

The AI Department is always interested to know what the community wants for expansions, character contest themes and are frequently polling the community on various ideas. Please go here to check it out!


Please check our discussions page to request a role-play or to raise concerns with the admin team. Of course, any other conversations about characters, HP, the expansion or anything DARP-related are highly encouraged as well.
One of our users recently opened a discussion about potentially making an obscurus here. For the sake of being fair to everyone, all users are encouraged to participate.