Important Announcements

Schedule Reminders

  • Week 9: Classes Continue!
  • Week 10: Summer Begins! Hogwarts Closes!
  • Week 11: Summer Continues!


The AI department has released a blog regarding an up and coming expansion. Check it out, and don't hesitate to contact any of them with any doubts! The Order has called a meeting, please check out the blog for all the information!


The Third Round of Hogwarts Quidditch has started, this week Gryffindor faces Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff faces Slytherin! One of the matches from round two, Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff still needs to be concluded! For the first two matches, please post on the locker rooms and the GMs will post soon as they are ready/ASAP!

British and Irish Quidditch League

The standings page has been updated for week 5! Currently, the Falmouth Falcons are in first, the Chudley Cannons are in second, and the Montrose Magpies are in third!


Please check our discussions page to request a role-play or to raise concerns with the admin team. Of course, any other conversations about characters, HP, the expansion or anything DARP-related are highly encouraged as well.

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