Administration Team Meeting

Vic has posted a blog pertaining to the newly scheduled admin meeting that will be happening on Saturday, September 29th at 8pm UTC. Please read the blog to see who to contact if you cannot attend and to find the course of action for that evening.

New Admin & Rollback

Due to the fact that only two people applied for staff positions during the election redo, let's give a warm congrats to JayeMalik' for winning Administrator and Asteriea for winning Rollback. Welcome/welcome back to the team!

Staff Positions

A vote has been opened for the new department Human Resources (HR) and has been opened here. We are looking for two rollbacks and one administrator. Voting will open the Saturday, September 22nd. However, to qualify you must be nominated by one user then backed by two other users.

2038 Minister of Magic and Chief Warlock

Elections for the Chief Warlock have concluded, and the new Chief Warlock is... Elvira Griffin!
Furthermore, if you haven't read the blog explaining what is happening with the Minister of Magic elections for 2038! Please be sure to read all about it here.

Hogwarts Expansion 2037-2038

The winner of the First Task is Whitney du Mont! Furthermore, the second task has started at the Astronomy Tower. Champions will be tasked to duel each other and the champion with the most overall points, wins! For more information on the task itself, go here!

Something Dark is Coming

Sign ups for the serial killer expansion are coming to an end in a couple days and prepping is in the final stages. If you're interested in having your characters involved in the expansion be sure to go here!

Head Aurors

Head Auror applications will be ending Monday, September 17 UTC or 8:00 PM EST Sunday, September 16. If you'd like to run but need the full week to finish your character, please owl Jay.

Schedule Reminders

  • Week 8: Classes continue.
  • Week 9: Classes continue and Final Task.
  • Summer Week 1: Classes are over, Hogwarts is closed, and summer begins!


One of our admin team members has made a blog to inform and assist users in regards to representation and character diversity here on DARP. Please be sure to read it to learn why representation within our roleplaying community is important and see what kind of face claim directories are out there for you to look through.


Please check our discussions page to request a role-play or to raise concerns with the admin team. Of course, any other conversations about characters, HP, the expansion or anything DARP-related are highly encouraged as well.