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Important Announcements

Schedule Reminders

  • Summer Week 1: Hogwarts Closes! Summer Begins!
  • Summer Week 2: Summer Continues!
  • Summer Week 3: Summer Continues!


Congratulations to our new rollbacks, Jaye, Soph and Livi!


We still need to find a new admin to take over as S&S Deputy! Because none of the current rollbacks ran, we are now opening the position to the newly elected rollbacks! You can put your name in or nominate another user for the position here. Voting will open 0:00 UTC on Monday, April 3.


An expansion is being run by the AI Department during week 4 of the summer! Please see here for all the details! If you have any questions, please owl Lilly or Carn.

Arcana Alliance

The lieutenant positions for the Arcana Alliance have been chosen! If you still want to sign up your character for a regular member position, there are still plenty of spots open! Just leave a comment on the blog post stating your user nickname, the character's name and your preference for the guilds ranked one through three!

Hogwarts Quidditch

Ravenclaw wins the Quidditch Cup while former champions Hufflepuff come in second place!

  1. Ravenclaw: 630 Points
  2. Hufflepuff: 500 Points
  3. Slytherin: 300 Points
  4. Gryffindor: 150 Points

British and Irish Quidditch League

The standings page has been updated for week ten! Currently the Appleby Arrows are in first and the Montrose Magpies and Caerphilly Catapults are tied for second!

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