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Maisie Saxon might seem modest when she says she doesn't have a lot of interesting things to talk about in her past; she's mostly telling the truth. She grew up in the Muggle world, went to school in London (working class, not private), and that's fairly normal if you leave out the fact that she was relentlessly bullied.

That's probably what instilled the natural instinct in her to be good to people, and the need for friends that she has; because you could be someone's only friend. She grew up in a fairly normal household - two older siblings, two younger - they were never poor, nor particularly rich. The Saxon family, aside from having the same surname as a television psychopath, were distinctly average.

Maisie's older siblings were not particularly the best example, so from a young age she was tasked with being the responsible influence to her younger siblings, who she loved quite dearly, so she's always had a somewhat motherly instinct. She'd learn to do chores in place of the siblings who were always out, and hastily learnt she was the best cook of the family (although she mostly used these skills to make cake) so she became mature beyond her years.

She really tried hard in school but wasn't really academic, which is part of what lead to the bullying. Maisie is all about learning life lessons through making mistakes, and isn't much of a fan of sweet justice. But when the girls played the boys who bullied her at football, and she accidentally charmed to veer off course whenever the boys took a shot, she has to say she didn't quite mind it as much as she might have before.

That triggered the visit from the strange 'Ministry of Magic' man. The first out of the ordinary thing minus the magic itself that had happened. And it turned out, she was magic. Magic! Of all the people that 'stood out', the magic chose the ordinary girl. She wants to use this as a new start, where hopefully nobody will judge her for not being too good at class, or for being too polite.


Maisie is what you might call 'very British.' She likes tea, she's over-polite, and yes, she has the typical Received Pronunciation accent Americans associate with the British. And, of course, she's very awkward. She hates overly-long conversations where there's nothing to say, meetings, and finding out somebody you don't want to speak to is going in the same direction. However, overall she's quite bubbly and social, and her habit of saying sorry when other people run into her doesn't tend to ruin that many conversations. The fact she can't leave without saying 'right' helps others understand when she starts to grow uncomfortable with the situation she is in.

There isn't much she won't entertain as an idea as long as it doesn't put anyone in danger, she just wants friends. (Getting coffee is a no go, but getting tea would be a solid yes.) Sports, books, anything - she's just desperate to have people to talk to, but a lot of people find it difficult to deal with her because she's...well, awkward. But the best way to have friends is with food and a nice drink, a barbecue of sorts, or out for a meal - that's nice, and relaxed. She just doesn't like running into people when she doesn't expect it, or people that make her especially awkward.

She worries that she often sounds sarcastic without meaning to, or when she does mean to that always gets lost under the radar; and most of her talents are muted, except for being great at cooking. That's a skill she does have, and if she can use it to make people happy, that's all the better. Her jokes, although often related to the special British sense of humour the world knows so well, are always well-meant, and she's generally one of the greatest optimists you know.


Maisie's FC is Dakota Fanning.



"and she said 'oh, i know the sun must set to rise',"

Maisie Elizabeth Saxon
Age 11
Birthday April 23
Nationality British
Ethnicity British
Species Human/Witch
Blood Muggle-Born
Orientations Homosexual / homoromantic
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Faceclaim Dakota Fanning
Height 4'8"
Weight "Um..."
Schooling Hogwarts
Year First
Occupation Student
Wand WIP
Wand Arm Right
Patronus WIP
Boggart Losing her magic so she's no longer special
Affiliation(s) Hufflepuff
Location Hufflepuff Basement
Most influenced by Her parents
Languages English

Model: Dakota Fanning

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