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Age 14
Status Alive
Pronunciation LAH-tay COUGH-fee
Handedness Left
Gender Female
Orientation Pansexual, panromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality American/British
Speaks English
Species Witch
Blood Status Half-blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'6"
Model Cailin Russo

Latte doesn't give much value to her appearance. Mostly, she just wears what she likes and can't be bothered to fix her hair so it's normally quite wild considering she's always getting it messed up by running around and playing with it. When she wants to impress someone, she's definitely capable of dolling herself up and looking completely different.
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Mera Nereus met Andrew Coffee during his trip to New York City because of his job as a British lawyer. Initially a love hate relationship, the American auror eventually fell for him, and he, her, after a long period of time. After they got married, she had twins, and she decided to name them... Latte and Mocha. Guess which one she is. Tip: it's the more delicious one albeit the worse name.

Latte Emma Coffee (insert her cringing somewhere in the distance) was your average kid. Her little sister, Caramel, was one of the brightest witches the world had ever seen, but Latte was just very, very normal. She liked to play with dolls and racecars, put on elaborate skits, draw fashion lines with a huge set of Crayola crayons, and make experiment with food in the kitchen. Of all these childhood passions, only the last one stuck. Latte ended up becoming really, really good at cooking, baking, and what she considers to be her most important skill: making coffee. This was a blessing for her caffeine addict mother, though Latte herself wouldn't be allowed to have her first whole cup until she was thirteen. Her first magical sign happened in the kitchen, her favorite plave in any home, when she accidentally set the whole place on fire as a result of someone (*cough*mocha*cough*) distracting her. At only eight years old, she didn't really grasp the danger of the situation. She just stood there, crossed her arms, and narrowed her eyes at the flames that were slowly engulfing the room until letting out a groan of frustration that magically made all the fire disappear, with everything left unharmed.

After that, Latte, the human safety-hazard, continued living life like the universe was made to satisfy her. Insanely stubborn, if things didn't go her way, then she made them go her way. Pleased with this mentality, everything was perfect until the move to London. Needless to say she wasn't very happy about the move. She knew it was because of her dad's mom, but it didn't make her any less bitter. Still, a latte is always sweet, and since she couldn't make he world bend to her will this time, she decided to find the silver lining. So she moved to England, determined to make the best out of it.

Somewhere along the way, she realized Latte Coffee is kind of an embarrassing name, so she decided to start going by Tay instead, not bothering to correct people when they ask her if it's short for Taylor. She also gets to try coffee for the first time, which ends up in rather intense Quidditch practice with my brother, that ends with him hitting him with the Bludgers bat for insulting her favorite team. (Because of that, she's banned from drinking coffee ever again. She gets too hyperactive.) She also develops dreams of opening up her own café or just becoming super rich and famous in general, and she intends on achieving both by making the best coffee in the whole goshdarned world.

A couple years pass and her mom explains to Mocha and Latte that she's actually been having an affair with her coworker (she does the same to Caramel, but doesn't go into so much detail, as she's still pretty young), and Mocha is very, very angsty about it. But Latte? She understands. It's not her fault that she fell out of love with Dad. Out of all the Coffee kids, Latte is probably the most accepting of their stepmom, choosing to live with Mera and ______, instead of with Andrew, even if Mocha chose their dad.

While she does miss both of them dearly, she's learned to live with it by also being the Coffee kid who bounces between houses the most regularly. She made it a point to befriend all of her new stepsiblings from both second marriages, trying to diffuse the tension and make everything less awkward than it already is.

She's attending Hogwarts, as she had been for the past three years, excited to start her fourth year now that she has so much family to share it with. It also can't hurt to make a couple friends along the way, now won't it?
Tay is obsessed with Quidditch. She got into the sport as a young girl because of how cute the players were (dark times for her) but ended up appreciating the game itself after a couple months. She's fiercely competitive about it, and because of some... minor injuries that might have come Mocha's way, she's banned from playing the sport ever again by her family. If she had to choose a position, it would probably be beater.

Another thing she's banned from doing? Drinking coffee. Tay is already too hyper on her own. Adding coffee into the mix is a bad idea. Sometimes, her parents let it slide for occasions like exams, because they make her hyper-focused, but other than that, it's a good idea to keep things away from Tay if it might give her more energy than usual. Just being her normal self, Tay talks very fast, practically bounces from place to place, tends to get violent when excited (which means that her partner in conversation turns into a human punching bag), and gets ten times more emotional, when practically everything already makes her cry.

Despite the fact she looks like she could easily be a wild child, Tay is anything but. She's scared of drinking, is shy about PDA and actually any physical contact in general, and also hates cursing. She's not shy about the fact that she's very innocent when it comes to most things, and if you hear a sudden exclamation of "FIDDLESTICKS!" in the hall, it's probably her. Even when she's cussing out players on the field, she'll probably be calling them 'buttholes and jerkfaces'.

She's very stubborn, blunt, and can also be too optimistic. She sees none of these as possibly negative traits, and is very adamant that she's a free spirit that doesn't need to be changed or held back. She doesn't know how to take criticism properly, and in turn she also doesn't know how to give criticism or be the least bit harsh to anyone. She has the tendency to be too nice, passing it off as common courtesy even when it's gone too far. Still, she is not one to be stepped on. She's not a very hard worker either, really, just hoping for the best in every situation.

All in all, if Tay had to describe herself, she'd use four words: "golden snitch on acid". She thinks this perfectly encapsulates her entire personality, and as she is with most other things, she's right.
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Wand: Holly, 7 inches, Dragon Heartstring. Holly is a rarer kind of wand wood, less cultivated by foresters. It is happier with wielders who may need help overcoming a tendency to anger and impetuosity. This wand wood is perilous to partner with a phoenix feather's core, yet, in the unusual event of such a pairing finding its ideal match, nothing and no-one should endeavour to stand in their way.

Boggart Losing Mocha
Amortentia Coffee, roses, freshly baked bread
Wand Holly, 7 inches, Dragon Heartstring
Interests Quidditch, coffee, trashy romance
Pet Peeve People who tell her to be quiet
Habits Using fillers like "like" and "um"
Star Sign
Dreams/Goals Get someone to fall in love with her Spread love and joy!
Color Any bright color!
Song Perfect Places by Lorde
Girl Almighty by One Direction
Show Gossip Girl, Riverdale
Movie 10 Things I Hate About You
Book Doesn't read much
Food Cinnamon rolls
Drink Coffee

*Latte's childhood crush was none other than her now-friend Kevin O'Shay. Of course, this happened during what she believes was the darkest time of her life.
*Her boggart is losing Mocha.
*She's ridiculously in love with the idea of love, and can't wait to get married one day.
*She's pan, technically, but really doesn't dwell too much on labels.
*She can't sing for her life.
*Her favorite artist is Lorde.
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