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Large Office
Wikia DARP - Large office

This office is located on Hogwarts Castle's Sixth floor. Once upon a time, it belonged to Professor Galatea Merrythought. Fairly roomy, this office includes a fireplace with two large sofas, one on either side of it, a round dinner table big enough to seat ten people and access to a private balcony. It had enough space to hold a Christmas party in 1996, hosted by Professor Slughorn.



Beliz and Dani

Beliz Lavigne - lovewave - half-fire nymph - slytherin fifth year

-"you're like a lovewave; shook my life like an earthquake; now i'm waking up"
Message Me – 06:07, April 28, 2017 (UTC)

Beliz had found herself in here, trying to be productive, but failing really hard. So she was hoping for a little company.

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