Landon Burke's Loft


Landon's loft highlights his creative side. Focusing on some of his favorite colors, different shades and accent pieces are common throughout the space. His collection of books can also be found spread through the house, some on shelves, others piled on tables. Being the not-so-tidy person he is, he constantly eaves out tea on his coffee table. Guest are always welcomed.



Landon Burke Artist
-Gladrags Designer

 – 14:03, April 1, 2014 (UTC)

*It's not exactly fair to Rod, given the flow of custom in the build-up to the Yule Ball, but Landon just felt like he really needed some space, and so has retreated, for a while, into his shell here. The fact that he's not shaking off the mono the way he should has him worried, and that's a burden that won't be lessened by being shared with his love, only doubled.*

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