Golden Wand

List of spells that Laela has learned at Hogwarts. Before her arrival she already knew a handful of spells taught to her by her aunt and uncle. Specifically Colovaria, which her aunt uses regularly to blend in with the Xavier family and look more like a metamorphmagus.

Spells List

1st Year

Spell Type Effect
Bluebell Flames Transfiguration Creates a small blue flame which is immune to water
Expelliarmus Charm Disarming Charm
Hover Charm Charm Levitates and moves objects
Incendio Transfiguration Produces fire
Intruder Charm Charm/Protection Detects intruders and sounds an alarm
Locomotor Mortis Jinx Locks the targets legs together
Lumos Charm Creates a small light on the wand's tip
Nox Charm Counterspell to Lumos
Petrificus Totalus Hex Bind the targets body in straight position
Ventis Venit Transfiguration Makes small natural vines grow as directed by the caster

2nd Year

Spell Type Effect
Aguamenti Transfiguration Conjures Water
Bubble-Head Charm Charm Creates a bubble of air
Glacius Transfiguration Freezes things to ice
Obliteration Charm Charm Removes traces of passing, such as footprints and smell
Obscuro Transfiguration Creates a blindfold over the target's eyes
Pluma Pondus Charm Makes something lightweight
Protego Charm/Protective Causes minor spells to rebound or not have their full effect

3rd Year

Spell Type Effect
Jelly-Legs Jinx Jinx Renders targets legs wobbly and useless
Concealment Charm Charm Conceals an object from the naked eye
Episkey Transfiguration/Healing Heals minor injuries
Finite Incantatum Charm Negates the effects of most charms
Rennervate Charm/Healing Makes the target conscious
Salvio Hexia Charm/Protective Provides Protection against hexes
Supersensory Charm Charm Makes the target's senses heightened

4th Year

Spell Type Effect
Evanesco Transfiguration Makes the target vanish
Incarcerous Transfiguration Ties something up with rope
Levicorpus Charm Target is dangled upside down by an invisible force
Liberacorpus Charm Couterspell to Levicorpus
Protego Totalum Charm Protects an area or dwelling
Lacarnum Inflamari Hex Sets clothing on fire
Extinguishing Spell Transfiguration Puts out fires

5th Year

Spell Type Effect
Flying Charm Charm Cast on objects to make them fly
Bedazzling Hex Hex Causes the target to become invisible
Intervenite Charm Animates an object which interposes itself between the caster and harm
Expecto Patronum Charm Creates a patronus
Stealth Sensoring Spell Charm Detect those under magical disguise
Eviscera Contorta Hex Knots the targets stomach; doubles over with pain
Fianto Duri Transfiguration Turns magical shield into physical shield

6th Year

Spell Type Effect
Sectumsempra Transfiguration Wounds magically as if the target had been slashed by a sword
Vulnera Sanentur Transfiguration/Healing Causes wounds and gashes to heal and any blood to return to the victim
Protego Maxima Charm Powerful shield charm against Dark magic
Taraka Radiosa Transfiguration Turns wand into a device to talk to one another with
Anti-Disapparation Jinx Jinx Cannot Apparate or Disapprate
Trisionion Charm Keeps people away and stuns them if getting to close.
Confringo Tranfiguration Causes things to explode in flames

7th Year

Spell Type Effect
Repello Inimicum Charm Disintegrates the person(s) entering this protected zone
Portus Transfiguration/Charm Turns an object into a Portkey
Homorphus Charm Charm Causes an animagus to assume it's normal shape
Partis Temporus Transfiguration Creates a temporary gap through protective magical barriers
Duro Transfiguration Makes the object hard as stone
Planto maior Charm Causes someone to blow up like a balloon and fly away
Firestorm Tranfiguration Conjures a ring of fire. The caster can direct the fire

Admin approved

Spells learned elsewhere/in class RP

Spell Type Effect
Lapifors Transfiguration Turns small objects into rabbits Incantation : Lapifors
Cheering Charm Charm Causes the target to become happy and content Incantation : Plausus
Blasting Charm Charm Causes a small explosion Incantation : Bombarda
Knockout Hex Hex/Protection A stream of purple light causes the person attacked to faint Incantation : Darshonion
Gouging Spell Charm Blasts gouges into the target Incantation : Defodio

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