Laela Hammond's Apartment

The Apartment of Laela Hammond is one bedroom apartment in the Diagon Alley apartments. It is a small place, as it should be, with only one bedroom it was rented for Laela, and Laela alone. Her pets, all three of which are small and do not require an exorbitant amount of space are just as comfortable here as they were in her student room in Gryffindor tower and, back home in Scotland. The apartment was rented out in Laela's name after she graduated Hogwarts, there are a few familiar faces in the building which is welcoming but also a little strange. Laela is a tough girl, and has a somewhat icy exterior but she is still woman who enjoys girly things, things like butterflies, fresh cut flowers, a closet full of dresses, skirts, and any shoe with heels. She owns a pair of leggings and stockings for everyday of the year. On certain occasions Laela is known to wear barrettes. Flowers, Stars, Hearts and sometimes even cute little animals on them. She has a large collection of colorful socks, leggings, hats and barretts.

Laela's pets Joxer (Chinchilla), Gideon (Pygmy Owl), and Niamh (Pygmy Puff) stay here when Laela isn't carrying them around with her. Her very first year she brought Joxer everywhere, big mistake! He managed to sleep through most of the day ride but got away from a distracted Laela ... he ruined her housemates books, homework and even their robes. Carrying Joxer around school is an experience she will never forget.



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