Kyarah Lolin
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Kya Loli
General Information
Birth date October 8th
Birthplace London, United Kingdom
Ethnicity English/Israeli
Accent British
Blood status Pure-Blood
Kyarah sig
Physical Characteristics
Species Human/Witch (Metamorphmagus)
Gender Female
Hair Brown (Color-Changing)
Eyes Blue (Color-Changing)
Height 5'6
Weight 9.5 stone
Magical Characteristics
Wand Rosewood, Dragon Heartstring
Wand Arm Ambidextrous



Boggart Her appearance fading
Amortentia Statice - Potting soil
Loyalty Herself
School Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House Slytherin
Occupation Business-woman

Slytherin Crest (Gif)

Kyarah Zoe "Kya" Lolin was born October 8th, 2001. She is the daughter of Isaiah and Carissa Lolin. The Pure-Blood Lolin family has been, and remains very wealthy, holding nothing against Muggle-Borns or Half-Bloods.

About Kyarah

Kya Lolin3

Kyarah and Kinsey were raised in a very spoiled, very rich, and lavish map-hopping lifestyle. Their father Isaiah shared with his little girls everything about magic while they were growing up. He told them about the "letter" awaiting them, school shopping in Diagon Alley, and boarding the Hogwarts Express before they would be sent off to school. Their mother Carissa has a highly creative mind, she is a stunning linguistician, her daughters have inherited her unmistakably goofy sense of humor. Kyarah and Kinsey spent their youth traveling from their place of birth in London to Isaiah's home country of Israel to Carissa's favorite vacation destination being Andorra. They have lived in various family formation clusters, mainly mother and daughter(s) or father and daughter(s), in at least eight different countries; such as Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Romania, Turkey, and Israel respectively. Kya knows enough of most of the languages, while Kinsey speaks and reads them all, fluently.

Depending on the provoking situation her negative tendencies will usually be made noticeable mainly in the "coolness" of her responses. Aside from this she can also adopt a flighty, obstinate or bossy mentality if particularly upset or otherwise flustered. Kya was once a kind, and shy little girl. When she was 10 years of age her best friend found another turning her back on Kya. This act made her very self-conscious, and it made her think twice about who she decided to call a friend. It was also the very first time Kya shown any magical ability, she had managed to bewitch snowballs pelting her former friend Raina and Ashlyn, the one who replaced her until they were out of sight, but not yet out of mind.

When she went back home she learned that she received the gift of being born a one of the mysterious Metamorphmagi after removing her winter hat. The family noticed that Kya's hair had become a vibrant, and flaming red-orange. Her enormous eyes had become a glowing, searing, and eye watering hazel color all representative of the anger she felt. Kya's hair in it's natural state is a rich, lustrous brown, her eyes mere minutes after birth changed from blue to a very unnoticeable green. Kya knows that this gift allows her access to a very, very rare ability. It allows her to appear however she wants at her choosing, depending on her emotional stability. She, and her mother see this gift as a blessing, a gift received from her great-great-great-grandmother.

She can literally be the 'most beautiful woman' or man that anyone has ever seen, or she can blend her features so flawlessly, so miraculously in absolutely any surrounding. She can assume a form that forces people on a subconscious level to 'not want to look at her'. Kya can be seen wearing her hair in a pale pink/blonde hue. She purposely imitates supposed Purist features ice blue eyes, and pale blonde hair for example. She does it solely to irritate the idiot supremacists who believe her blood-born talent in some way makes her less Pure.

Sticks and stones ... Kya knows, she is the purest of them all.

After graduation Kya found herself at the bottom rung of her father Isaiah's 'Curse-Breaker for Hire' business. When the girls learned their daddy funded their all too happy life with money that men risked their lives for, well payed men mind you, Kya wanted a little of the same. Isaiah was impressed, until his daughter's 'true colors' were shown, she didn't want to take over the company, Kinsey could do that blindfolded, one foot and hand made of stone. Kya wanted to be the 'number one Breaker'. Isaiah didn't need Carissa's permission, and he didn't care if she gave Kya her blessing. He was never going use his daughter for this purpose, ever.

He did however agree to train her, like he personally did every man or woman he hired. Isaiah took Kya further than anyone other than his own wife, Kya dove head first further into the real-world situation system of learning her father thrived on. He intended to break her by giving her this one-way mirror into everything he knows, his muggle life before, and his wizard life after magic. The way Isaiah saw it 'If Kya didn't want to be a Breaker, he wouldn't have to find a way to way persuade her not to be.' Kya was beat up, a lot, at first. She was undergoing intensive training, in a wide combination of self-defense techniques muggle and magical. Very quickly choosing her specialty to be brutal counter-attacks.

Leaving her father, and his low opinion of her far behind in, where it belongs, she was summoned back to London at the request of her sister Kinsey. Shedding familial woes Kya has left her reputation in the hands of the last person she would have thought she would ever call a like minded individual. She is living & working with her once nemesis as a Co-owner of Dervish & Banges. The acquirement has allowed her to free herself for the Lolin family drama she had never been, and never meant to be involved in, and the use of a few talents she was unaware she possessed.

Family Tree

Native Language: English

Known Languages: French, German, Turkish, Spanish,
Portuguese, very little Catalan, Hebrew, and Arabic

Type of Childhood: Indulgent

Earliest Memory: Ashlyn the Usurper


Kyarah Lolin1
Kya Lolin Businesswoman
TALK – Think what you want ... I know something you don't.
Of all the different sorts of people in the world, some of them are beautiful, some of them unfathomably ugly. I happen to be one of the very few people in the world who can blend in with any one of them, whenever I want to. What about you?

Kya has a spectacular sense of judgment, she does entertain some attraction to the Fanaticism, she is fairly reasonable. A charming conversationalist, Kya has a unique way of making each person she talks to one-on-one feel very engaged. Capable of a spectacular amount of genuine hard work, her leisure time remains the high level priority it has always been. She has a competitiveness to do well resulting in an admirable shrewdness, she is not always tactful even when her temper will not help her keep a clear level head.

She can be very mean, and she loves nothing more than to talk back. She considers "entertainment" looking at a mirror, and complimenting herself "You wake up, flawless" all while transforming her features, brown eyes, grey eyes, black hair, blonde hair ...

Kyarah (pink)

She is incredibly vain, and believes appearance is one of the most important aspects of living life. It wouldn't be surprising to hear her say "Went to sleep cute, woke up cute." Although she appears shallow, and self-centered, she is still self-conscious, and has all the potential to be very tender, and loving. She rarely shows this even to her closest of friends.

Kya's birth color is Navy : She is a bighearted person, who never ceases to help others. She is confident and aware of her strengths, and is always in control of things around her. She believes in living in the moment, and smiles away (some of) her worries in life with people close to her. She is emotionally quite strong, but tends to be vulnerable in romantic affairs. She leads a dignified life.


Wand - 12½ in Rosewood Dragon Heartstring

Dervish and Banges (Co-Owner)

Kya's Place (Flat above D&B)

Hogwarts Marks


  • Kyarah's patronus (tiger)

Herbology : Kya loves to care for and utilize plants, she has never associated learning about them with anything negative. She sees it as exploring their magical properties, what they could possibly be used for, if one is cunning enough to open their mind. Her love of flowers sprang from her mother's obsession with gardening.

Charms : Kya's favorites are the ones referred to as "dark charms" such as curses, jinxes, and hexes. She is overly fond of Memory Charms preferring them to much else except of course, the Patronus Charm, Kya has a corporeal patronus in the form of a Tiger.

Krav Maga : Kya was trained by her father, various unrelated uncles, and cousins in this style of self-defense. With roots from boxing, Savate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and grappling. This style was mastered by her father Isaiah during his time with the Israeli Defense Forces. She favors her 'Knife Hand Strike' or Inside chop so much her father has informed her he can read it in her eyes.


Birthstone Opal Birth flower Calendula (Marigold)
Zodiac Libra Clothing Style Eccentric
Dominant Hand Ambidextrous
(Right dominant)
Favorite Scent Petrichor
Favorite Drink Butterbeer Favorite Sweet Lavender Honey Ice Cream
Favorite Class Herbology Anthem David Guetta/La Roux -Titanium/Bulletproof


This Character Has Left Hogwarts
Hogwart express

This character has graduated Hogwarts and has journeyed on into the World of Wizarding. You may see them around, but they are no longer a student in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Slytherin's Crest

This character is a Slytherin!

Slytherin prefect
This character was a Slytherin Prefect.

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