Kendrick Rowland

(This Character is Role-played by Midnight Sonata )


Full Name Kendrick Benjamin Johan Rowland
Age 24
Date of Birth May 31, 2009
Ethnicity English with Danish descent
Nationality British & Danish
Species Half-blood wizard
Birth Place England
Current Residence England
Occupation Applying for Auror at the British Ministry of Magic
Education Hogwarts graduate (Gryffindor)

His story so far...

If there's one thing that Kendrick learnt from his parents, that'd be romantic stories don't necessarily guarantee a happy ending - more often than not. And he learnt that early on.

Benjamin Rowland, a English wizard and Kendra Fairchild, a Danish English witch, married each other after they graduated from Hogwarts at the age of 18, despite their respective betrothal with someone else arranged by their respective parents. Two years later, Kendrick was born. And they lived happily ever after - I wish I could say that, but no, not one bit. The couple divorced each other when Kendrick barely turned 2. Neither of them were the type to stay in an argument-filled marriage just for the sake of their son. But hey on the bright side, they finally had a mutual agreement. Eventually, they made peace with each other - it'd be awkward not to considering the fact that they both worked at the Auror Office. Having spent more time looking after Kendrick after transferring to a less demanding desk job, Kendra obtained primary custody of her son. When Benjamin remarried with a Polish English woman a year after, Kendra moved to her hometown Denmark with Kendrick, only to visit England once a year in summer as part of the custody agreement. While this obviously wasn't the perfect fairytale ending, Kendrick was perfectly fine settling for that. Things could have been worse - and indeed, worse things did happen.

Never had Kendra thought that one of the dark wizards that she had sent to Azkaban years ago could escape and go so far - literally and metaphorically - for revenge. Imagine the shock that the eight-year-old boy had when he came back home from the park with his babysitter, only to find his mother and her boyfriend lying motionlessly on the floor. Suspects were listed but the murderer was never caught. After the funeral, Kendrick, devastated, followed his father back to England, to live with his father, Irena, as well as his stepbrothers, inwardly swearing that one day he would be the one to bring his mother justice.

Centainly, Kendrick wasn't delighted at all by the idea of living with his father's new family - the family that his father replaced him and his mother with. For the first few months, he had been distant with everyone in the household, his father included, still grieving the loss of his mum. However, he gradually warmed up to his father, whom he turned to whenever he thought of his mum; Irena, who treated him as if he was her own; Kyle, who had been quite fun to hang out with despite his occasional brattiness; Kayden - how could anyone not like his scrubby baby brother? Not to mention, Krystiana, born five years later, whom he absolutely adored. While he wasn't sprightly as he used to be, he managed to adapt - to the pain of loss that he felt from time to time, to his new family, to the place that he now called home.

At the age of 11, Kendrick was admitted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had been a near Hatstall as the Hat struggled between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but it sorted him to the House of Gryffindors as per his request - he wanted to be in the same house his parents were in. However, he did have doubts about his decision later on when he was from time to time annoyed by his constantly gloating housemates. He mostly kept to himself and had a selective few friends, but that didn't stop the ladies from flocking to him - after all, he could be very charming if he wanted to be. What he didn't expect was falling for Celestyna Wiater, a transfer student from Durmstrang Institute, whom he could actually communicate with on a deeper level. He didn't really believe in relationships, or love, back then. Regardless, he asked her out - repeatedly, to his surprise and dismay - before she finally relented. One date led to another, and eventually they had something Kendrick had never imagined himself having - a stable romantic relationship - until everything crashed down when they were about to graduate.

Kendrick discovered that Celestyna came from a family of notorious dark wizards and witches, and there was nothing that he hated more than cold-blooded dark wizards. Still, he would probably be able to look past that, if he hadn't found out that Celestyna too had been meddling with the dark side of the wizarding world. He hated her for lying to him; and hated himself more for blindly trusting her.

After graduation, he moved back to Denmark and joined the Auror Office of the Danish Ministry of Magic. He told himself that it had nothing to do with the mess he called his life in England, but solely because he had a promise made a decade ago to keep - and he did, after six years of dedication and hard work. The case that was cold for more than a decade was finally closed.

Now that justice is brought and there is literally nothing that binds him to the place where tragedy happened, Kendrick moves back to England. While his mother is long gone, he still has a family that he loves and cares about. And he will protect them at all costs.

Kendrick - how should I start with him - is a man of many sides.

If you ask his former co-workers back at the Danish Ministry of Magic, they will respond with an impressed expression and recount to you how his quick-witedness and perserverance had helped them bring justice to countless victims and their families. If you ask his classmates back in Hogwarts, half of them will probably reply you with an eyeroll and start talking about how rude and self-centered he was - no kidding, he could get a doctoral degree of sarcasm if there's such a thing; while the other half, mostly females, will gush about the charmer he has been and sigh simultaneously over the fact that he labelled himself 'occupied' when he dated the Dumstrang girl back in year 6 - how could a sarcastic and cold person be charming? That's another mystery to solve. Though I think it's safe to blame it on his good looks. If you ask his siblings - Kayden and Krystiana particularly, they'll tell you how brilliant and caring their big brother is - that they love him to bits and miss him like hell. If you ask his parents - Benjamin, Kendra and Irena - they will smile and express how proud they are of him, though Benjamin and Irena may probably frown a bit knowing how he views about relationships. If you ask Kendrick himself, he'll probably tell you to piss off and find something more meaningful to do than putting your nose in someone else's business - of course, unless you're an aesthetically-pleasant lady and he's looking for some fun - if you get what I mean.

So yes, it's hard to summarize the kind of person Kendrick is in a few words.

He doesn't talk a lot, nor does he like dealing with people - but he'll do both if the situation needs him to be, and he excels at both, like he does with everything else - and he damn well knows it. He probably won't brag about his abilities and what he can do, but one look at his face, you'll know he's inwardly teasing you for underestimating him. He doesn't trust people easily, especially not after the incident with Celes-you-know-who. And sharing his true feelings with the others? That's a big no-no. Yet, when he cares about someone, he'll be fiercely loyal to and protective of them - he may make fun of them, but if you mess with them, you may as well wish you were dead. Probably due to his jerk-ness, people who don't know him may be surprised that he is, in fact, one of the 'good guys' - he hates dark magic and ruthless criminals with a passion. He refuses being a bystander when he knows he has the ability to stop the offender from running free - god knows who that f**ker may harm if he gets away?


With dark brown hair, mahogany eyes and prominent facial structures, Kendrick, for the lack of a better word, is quite handsome. Not to mention he has a strong muscular build to kill for, standing approximately 6 feet 2. It's...understandable how a rude jerk could be a charmer to many. This is a fact that he knows very well and uses to his advantage, whether at work, or in a bar.

First Language English
Other Languages Danish, Polish, French
Accents British
Handedness Right
Special Habits -
Allergies No known allergy
Wand Dragon heartstring, Yew, 13 inches
Patronus Bear
Boggart His family dying

Personal Motto 'With great power comes great responsibility.'
Amortentia Potato soup, grass, whiskey
Hobbies Jogging, swimming, flying, reading
Likes Hanging around his family, his auror job, bar and alcohol
Dislikes Nosy people, dark magic
Fears People he loves dying
Colors Black? Brown? He doesn't really care
  • Redbeard (Husky) †
  • Sirius (Husky)
  • Apus (Owl)
Quidditch Team Puddlemere United

  • He keeps his family ring with him all the time - whether by wearing it on his finger, or hanging it as a necklace around his neck
  • He's impressed by some of the muggle technologies - namely smartphone and the internet. He finds it useful especially when it comes to people hunting or intel collecting.


Father Benjamin Rowland

Kendra (née Fairchild) Rowland † Irena (née Macmillan) Rowland (stepmother)


Kyle Rowland (half-brother)
Kayden Rowland (half-brother)
Krystiana Rowland (half-sister)

Other important figures -
Relationship status Single; and looking - for random hook-ups

Kendra (née Fairchild) Rowland
Kendrick has never missed anyone more than his birth mother. While Kendra hasn't been the most stable parent of the year with a change of boyfriend once every month and occasional indulgence in alcohol ever since they moved to Denmark, to him, Kendra was the best caring and loving mother he could ask for. While he may not show it, he still misses her every single day despite the comparatively duller pain he felt over her death. She being an Auror and her death were the major reasons why he wanted to pursue a career as an Auror.

Benjamin Rowland
Kendrick still occasionally have conflicting feelings for his father - especially when he thinks of his mother. On one hand, he understands the reasons behind his divorce with his mother and that despite so, he still loves and cares for his son very much so. On the other hand, sometimes he feels like if his dad and mum had stayed together back then, his mum may had had a happier alcohol-free life - she may not even had been killed. It's the times when he grieves over his mother's death that he harbours a bit of ill-feelings towards his father. But honestly, he knows his father isn't at fault and he doesn't actually hate him.

Irena (née Macmillan) Rowland
Irena is his father's wife, and hence his stepmother. At first, Kendrick hates her for taking his father away from him and his mother - even though deep down he knows Irena didn't really have anything to do with his parents' divorce. Ever since he moves back to England after his mother's tragedy, Irena has treated him as if he was her own despite the distance he placed and occasional tantrum he threw against her. She gradually grew on him and he now considers her as a mother figure, though he usually calls her by her name, instead of 'mum' as he felt that should be reserved only for his birth mother.

Krystiana Rowland
Kendrick adores his baby sister, who was more than a decade younger than him. He is very protective of her, as he is with his brothers. He probably won't admit it, but he has a soft spot for her. One look at her puppy eyes, he won't be able to deny her anything, even if it's a one-day shopping trip in London.

Kayden Rowland
Kendrick loves his little brother and cares very much about him. He knows that Kayden looks up to him, that's why he tries to be a better person, at least when he's with his family.

Kyle Rowland
Kyle is Kendrick's brother whose age is the closest to his. Kendrick knew him since before his mum died and did enjoy playing with him when he came back to stay with his father in England in the summer. Sometimes, Kendrick found him a tad bit overbearing. Regardless, he cares about him all the same, is very protective of him, as he is with his other siblings.