Dash is RPed by Surfer.


Full Name Julio Gabriel Ramirez
Nickname Dash
Birthday May 13
Nationality Mexican
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual

Species Werewolf/Wizard
Blood Status Half-Blood
Wand Core ???
Wand Wood ???
Wand Arm Left-handed
Boggart Police, full moon
Patronus Wolf

Model Tenzing Norgay Trainor
Gender Male
Height 4'10
Weight "Dunno. Eighty or ninety?"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Colour Hispanic


Nathaniel Ramirez was a successful Mexican immigrant who had just come out of college and was doing well for himself in America. He lived a party lifestyle, however, and lost a lot of his early earnings pretty quickly. At the request of his parents, he returned to Mexico to regroup. While there, he met a beautiful witch named Rose. The two married, despite her being a witch, and Nathaniel settled down for awhile in his home country.

Two years later, Rose and Nathaniel had their first and only child and named him Julio. When Julio was two, Nathaniel decided it was time for him to try again in America, and the three moved to the suburbs of New York. They lived a comfortable and happy life for another two or three years. Julio made friends with the neighbors, Rose got a job, and Nathaniel started a small business.

Then, tragedy struck. One night, just after the full moon rose, Julio was playing ball with a friend. The ball rolled away over to an open gate, which Julio ran over to. However, he heard a growl from the other side of the fence and went to investigate. His mouth dropped in horror when he saw the wolf in his neighbor's backyard. Frozen in fear, he was bitten and tossed into the front yard by the wolf. Julio's friend ran off, screaming, which alerted Rose to what was going on. The wolf advanced on the injured Julio, who was unable to stand up. However, Rose appeared on the doorstep at that moment and used her magic to drive the wolf back. Rose grabbed her son and brought him inside quickly.

After Julio was nursed back to health, things changed. They were forced to move into the middle of the city, and Julio's parents let out their frustrations on the five-year-old. They verbally abused him, and locked him in a small room for the few days before and after he transformed each month. One night, Nathaniel decided enough was enough. They brought him to Buffalo and, to his surprise, left him there with no home to speak of and no family to support him. Julio wallowed for a month, hid in a junkyard when he turned into a werewolf, and continued wallowing after that. However, he soon met a homeless man named Richard, who taught him how to survive in the urban jungle, as well as other valuable life lessons about never giving up.

From that point on, Julio was a changed boy. His speed helped him evade people who might be trying to catch him doing wrong, and he decided to start calling himself Dash, due to his reluctance to use the name his father gave him. However, Richard told him that was not a "proper" name, and he decided to use "Dashiell" (pronounced Dash-ell, it's an actual name) instead, with Dash being a nickname that most of the other people he met on the street called him. Dash made quite a name for himself, constantly making people angry. However, he made a few more friends besides Richard in a mailman, a trash truck driver, and even a rich stock market investor. The four kept him from going too far with his antics, and probably got him out of more situations than he could count.

A few months later, his situation changed again. The wealthy man who he had befriended reported his situation to a Social Worker, who picked him up and brought him to a local orphanage. However, he could not be contained and often wandered around the city on his own, and saw his friend Richard from time to time. He maintained his independence and made sure he was safely away from the orphanage on nights with full moons, getting as far away from people as it was possible in a big city like Buffalo. Fortunately, he hurt no one on his first shift, but was moved to a Magical Orphanage after this to avoid Muggles discovering magic.

Through it all, Dash knew he was a wizard.

Julio, who prefers to be called Dashiell or Dash, is a think-on-your-feet, street-smart boy. He gets in trouble a lot for his antics, which can range from petty things to petty theft. But hey, when you grow up homeless, you have to do some bad stuff to survive. As a result, he's sneaky and very cunning, but also a tough kid. Seemingly rough around the edges, he can be a bit of a softee, and will do anything for the people he loves. He's a bit of a jokester and is optimistic, despite his rough past. However, if you set him off, you'd better watch out, because you're gonna feel his full wrath. He can be a bit in your face and cocky at times, but he's loyal to his closest friends.

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  • Nathaniel Ramirez - Father (Left him)
  • Rose Ramirez - Mother (Left him)

Currently no friends.

No enemies.

Too young

  • Dash is a werewolf.
  • Dash's real name is Julio.


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