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Birthday August 13
Age 16
Status Livin' forever young
Pronunciation JOO-lee-yet JAKS-sun
Family Amara † & Stephen † (parents)
Nico (brother)
Nevaeh & Ysa (aunts/guardians)
Dalton & Marie (uncle and aunt)
Handedness Left
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual; biromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality American
Speaks English
Species Witch
Blood Status Half-blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'6"
Model Naressa Valdez

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Amara and Stephen Jackson were both aurors for MACUSA, finding love in one of the most dangerous professions of all time. They married after ten months of dating and had two children. The first was Nicolas, and a year later came Juliet. Despite having a lot of enemies, they weren't deterred from having a happy, perfect, normal family life. It was working out very well. Juliet and Nico were incredibly close and the children both loved their parents immensely.

Things were going very average for a very long time. Juliet showed her first sign of magic when she was five years old, using it, of course, to be an annoying younger sister, literally taking away Nico's voice once she got too annoyed by it. Being very competitive even at such a young age, Nico quickly retaliated by having his first sign of magic just a week later, shredding all of Juliet's favorite outfits. The little diva that she is, she fought back by attempting to burn all of Nico's books. This uncontrollable magic war went on for a while, but was always quickly resolved whenever their parents would tell them to cut it out.

When Nico was eleven, he was accepted into Ilvermorny. He would choose Horned Serpent over Wampus when both houses tried to stake their claim on him. The next year, Juliet would follow, being chosen by Thunderbird alone (not that she wanted to be anywhere else). The two of them would lead drastically different school lives. Nico was scholarly, academic; all in all the perfect student. On the other hand, Juliet was a prankster, regularly late for all her classes, and near failing in most. Their parents never showed favoritism towards either of their children. They often said that they balanced each other out perfectly. Nico was responsible and serious where Juliet was friendly and knew how to have a good time. Neither sibling resented the other as well. Their parents constantly reminded them that they were like two halves of a whole, so Nico didn't mind it too much when his schoolmates would complain about how he's a total buzzkill unlike his sister, and Juliet didn't mind it when her teachers would express their disbelief at how the two were ever related.

Their lives would drastically change in their fourth and fifth years. That Easter break, the husband of a dark witch that they had imprisoned (and sentenced to death) came to their home seeking revenge. Thankfully, it had happened while both children were out. Juliet had an outing with her friends and Nico was forced to tag along to watch after his younger sister. However, both their parents died in the altercation, though they were able to severely injure their attacker and his accomplices.

Both children were devastated. They quickly went into the custody of their uncle, Dalton, their father's brother and his wife, Marie. They continued their schooling despite the heavy loss. Juliet began to act out more and more, engaging in even more reckless behavior while Nico would become more of a recluse. On top of that, a rift between the two siblings formed. Nico blamed Juliet for being the reason that neither were there when the attack happened. While Juliet thinks that their parents would be happy that their children were out of harm's way, Nico strongly believes that if they were there, their parents would not have met their untimely demise.

Still, as time passed, wounds would seemingly heal. That is, of course, until Juliet's sixth year.

Failing Potions, Juliet's midterm exam was her last hope at being able to move onto seventh year. After very intense planning and scheming, (she won't disclose the means to this day) Juliet was somehow able to steal a copy of the exam and reviewed it before actually taking it. Making sure to get just the right amount of questions correct, she was able to pass the subject and move on. She honestly thought that was that. However, over Christmas break she was summoned back to the school. Somehow, the faculty had found out. Long story short, she was expelled. She continued the rest of her schooling from home for the remainder of the year and arrangements were made to send her to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry the following year.
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Boggart Being abandoned
Amortentia Freshly baked bread
Patronus Vulture
Wand Willow, Dragon Heartstring, 7 inches
Interests Fashion, Quidditch, pranks
Pet Peeve Being compared
Habits Gossiping
Star Sign Leo
Dreams/Goals Graduate LOL
Color Orange
Song Ain't No Rest For the Wicked
Show Breaking Bad
Movie Scream
Book ???what is reading
Food Red velvet cupcake
Drink Beer

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