Jolies Fleur

Jolies Fleur

Outside the shop is a forest of different flowers and plants. Bees fly around followed by butterflies of all colours. Some benches and old tables made from shaped iron are located outside and one on the inside, lovely to sit on in the Summer months. There stands a small door in the flower covered wall and as you walk in, your eyes adjust to the explosions of colour inside. Close to the right side wall, there sits a desk surrounded by flowers.

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Davu and Chrys

Davu 6
Davu Seeiso - Uagadou Alumni

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Message Me – 21:50, June 15, 2018 (UTC)

Davu was currently out in the garden part of the shop tending to some flowers that needed some TLC. He had gotten some plant food and was currently tending to a large pot full of blooming lavender, but it had gotten neglected and was starting to wilt. He was knelt down in front as he poured some of the plant food in the pot and mixed it with the soil and watered it lightly.