Joella Lindon
Vital statistics
Title Professor Lindon
Gender Female
Age 38
Height 5'4
Hair Colour Auburn
Eye Colour Brown
Race Witch
House Hufflepuff
Year -
Wand 9.5." Larch, Bundimun Fang
Wand Arm Right
Family None
Affiliation(s) Hogwarts, Nature

Hufflepuff crest

About Joella...

Joella is the Herbology Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She works works in the subject she specialized in and is head of the Herbology Department.

Joella was native to England. She lived with her grandmother, Joanne Lindon. Her parents had departed on an expedition, and never returned. She grew up relatively poverty-stricken and always had a rough time acquiring her school supplies. She was sent to Hogwarts and there, under headmaster Albus Dumbledore, she became skilled in Herbology and Potion-making.

She graduated from Hogwarts and traveled to South America where she spent a decade in the dense jungles. She collected samples, and kept a plant journal (which she uses to teach her students) during this time. On her return to England, she applied for a job at Hogwarts.


Joella has spent a huge amount of her life in the wilderness, but her appearance would never let that on. She is always manicured, and her hair styled with perfection. She has a long, somewhat sunken face.


  • Joella is known for her outlandish clothing, but doesn't respond to compliments or insults.
  • She is known for her light, airy personaltiy but is also notorous for her quick switches between her airiness and being very strict.
  • Her Patronus is a Wolverine
  • Her family is of English Origin
  • Her model is Florence Welch (of florence + the machine)


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