Ivy Black
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IvyBlack (2)
General Information
Birth date January 9th
Birthplace Worcestershire
Ethnicity English/French
Accent Very light French
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Signature IvyBlacksig
Physical Characteristics
Species Human/Witch
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 177 cm (5' 10")
Weight 62 kg (138lbs)
Magical Characteristics
Boggart Her siblings
Patronus Will be a Lynx
Amortentia Quiche - Fresh linen
Loyalty Black Family
School Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House Ravenclaw
Occupation Home-school teacher
Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)

Ivy Sage Rubídea Black was born January 9th, 2002 in Worcestershire, England. She was raised by her mother, the youngest daughter and fourth child of Auriga Black and Rowan Riley.

About Ivy

Ivy Black5

When Ivy was nearly five years old her father was arrested and sent to Azkaban, he spent 5 years trapped within prison walls and, eventually he died. When Ivy heard news of her his demise she became aware of the "real world". On the outside she is cool, calm and reserved. After her father Rowan died she started to display an inner strength, and unflinching conviction of sheer perseverance. Ivy, like much of her maternal family enjoys power, respect, and authority. Her mother Auriga even in her old age, a widow with four children, still believes that the world revolves around her. Eerily reminiscent to her late father, Ivy is willing to do everything it takes to achieve the goals she has set for herself. She is not actually as confident as she would lead one to believe that she is. This hard-shelled self-confident persona she has created was born to support her mother after the loss of her father. From time to time Ivy can loosen up, when she does she often makes flawed decisions, decisions that could send things crashing down around her in a spectacular way.

She does have an innate ability to maintain a firm grounded sense of reality, and an even more uncanny ability to institute the wise words of that voice of reason, her conscience. She doesn't misbehave frequently because she has learned from the experience of her father that negative consequences tend to be compounded. Ivy is usually fully of aware of herself, and her surroundings at all times. Until she feels her 'ways' have been compromised, she is a gentle, heavenly creature. She is not much of a social butterfly, and she honestly doesn't like other people all that much, she is often uncomfortable in new situations. She doesn't make friends, but she does make acquaintances wherever she goes. Her approach to life is the same as any thing else, - with prudence, planning, and discipline. Ivy prefers to hold herself to the highest of standards, she is not arrogant, she is not even a blood supremacist, Ivy wants to live up to being a member of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, even without the distaste for what her maternal family deem the people of 'lesser' heritage.

Although she doesn't see much point in socialisation, viewing it as a distraction from the more important needs in life, she has nothing against befriending anyone. Ivy, on occasion, is much more interested in a how an individual, (regardless of blood status) chooses to conduct themselves. The lasting or forgetful impression one person can make on another person has always been important to Ivy, and her mother. One of very few ideals the two see eye to eye on.

Family Tree

Native Language: French/English

Known Languages: French, English, Russian, (very little Latin)

Type of Childhood: Different

Earliest Memory: Her father going to Azkaban


Ivy Black2

Ivy Black Ravenclaw
-"Toujours pur

Ivy Black, Pure-Blood. Pleasure to meet you. Your surname and blood status are not as important to me as how you choose to present yourself. If, it turns out you are the kind of person to make me regret my previous statement, you should save us both the time and energy. Walk away.

She is fairly rigid, when she forms a world view she will stubbornly hold this to be true despite evidence to the contrary. She can come off a stuck up with the Always pure family motto. She is also capable of an irritating degree of pessimism, she seems unfriendly, and without humor at times. Ivy is actually very caring, quite warm, sympathetic, and surprisingly quick witted. She understands conformity, and is known to behave accordingly when rules are in place.

Ivy's birth color is Orange : She seeks a peaceful and joyous life. Family and friends hold a great importance in her life. She is competitive and equally competent. She knows her way to success. The enthusiasm and energy she carries, never lets her down. She is a dreamer and wishes to lead a life of luxury.


Hogwarts Marks


Transfiguration : Ivy has always been the most skilled with Transfiguration, it started as a promise she made to herself as a little girl. One day she would learn the Animagus Transformation and one she would train others to have that same skill. She never became an animagus, but she does possess the knowledge of 'how' to change her form. The problem is she cannot chose one.

Mythology : Ivy loves Mythology, she loves History, and anything old makes her curious. She prefers the creation myths, but she could read and discuss Chinese, Greek, Norse, Welsh and Irish mythology for hours.

Charms : Ivy discovered her aptitude for Charms quite late, after barely passing her O.W.L.s she took the initiative and found a tutor to help her better understand what she must have been doing wrong. It was something simple, being adept at Transfiguration, she was using an incorrect technique.


Birthstone Garnet Birth flower Carnation, Snowdrop
Zodiac Capricorn Clothing Style Traditional
Dominant Hand Right Favorite Scent Vanilla
Favorite Drink Green Tea Favorite Sweet Licorice Wands
Favorite Class Mythology Anthem Kemp and Eden - Black Hole Lace


This Character Has Left Hogwarts
Hogwart express

This character has graduated Hogwarts and has journeyed on into the World of Wizarding. You may see them around, but they are no longer a student in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Ravenclaw crest

This character is a Ravenclaw!

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