The Hogwarts House Tournament: Rules


About The Tournament.....

The house Tournament is an event that takes place twice every year; once during the summer and once during the winter. The tournament consists of eight participants- two from each house, and follows through a tri-task structure. The aim of the tournament is to encourage healthy competition, improve students' magical ability and also promote house pride. The official rules and regulations of the tournament will be accessible below.

Criteria for Competitors....

During the games, students have the opportunity to enter th games through the Goblet of Fire. Students who wish to apply must follow the criteria:

  • Competitors must be 4th Years or over
  • Only one competitor per user
  • Competitors who have an inactive user may not be permitted to compete

If the following are not complied with, the student is not eligible to partake, unless with special permission by the Headmaster- or any other senior members of staff.

The Tournaments...

There will be two tournaments per year. They would work in the following way:

  • Winter Tournament: Christmastime, It would revolve around December/January and would resemble the original Triwizard tounament (i.e. Yule ball, etc.)
  • Summer Tournament: This would be May/June and we would have a huge blast with this one- we could go "all out" and just really have a hell of a time- with it being at the end of the year.

Structure of the Games.....

The games have been carefully planned out- to ensure conviniency and as much fun for the competitors as possible. The first step of the games is the selection of the champions.

The champion selection will take place through the Goblet of Fire. Students who wish to partake will place their name, age and house on the The Goblet of Fire page. Students will have only five days to enter. They will then be picked randomly by the Headmaster or tournament co-ordinater. Promptly after the choosing of the champions, there will be a dance (either the Yule Ball or the Midsummer Cotillion, dependant on season).

The tournament will be based on three tasks, each decided by different members of staff. The first task will be decided by the Headmaster, the second by the Deputy Head and lastly, the third one will be decided by the heads of houses. In order for the tournament to run in a suitable pace, there will be an element of elimination incorporated into it, too.

After every task, there will an elimination stage. In this, the two champions with the lowest scores will be removed from the competition. These would be picked so that the two people with the least points would be knocked out of the competition, and this would happen after every task.

So we would end up with --8 Competitors --> 6 Competitors --> 4 finalists --> 1 winner.

Also, the structure of the games would change so it would look like this:

Champions chosen ->Dance -> Task one->Elimination->Task Two->Elimination->Task Three->Finale.


Teachers may judge, so long as they Owl either me, or one of the Bcrats, but, they must comply with the following criteria:

  • Judges can not be related to students (e.g Bryan an Brandon Smith)
  • Judges must be active users
  • Judges can not be headteacher, deputy or HoH's- they have their own role
  • Judges must be users who are trusted members of the wiki.

That is all.

I thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, please owl me.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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