Welcome, students and teachers of Hogwarts.

You are all invited to witness this House Tournament Beta.

This is it - The new, improved house tournament! We will be following the official rules, and have a similar structure. . This is to save time and to ensue everything run smoothly. So, read on, my friends, on how the tournament will work!

Welcome Message


8 Competitors --> 6 Competitors --> 4 finalists --> 1 winner.


Champions chosen -> Task One-> Dance->Elimination->Task Two->Elimination->Task Three->Finale.

After each task, the judges will fill out a table that looks like this, for each player:

Judge One Usage of Magic (/10) Tactics (/10) RP Skills (/10) Total (/30)
Judge Two Usage of Magic (/10) Tactics (/10) RP Skills (/10) Total (/30)
Judge Three Usage of Magic (/10) Tactics (/10) RP Skills (/10) Total (/30)
Judge Four Usage of Magic (/10) Tactics (/10) RP Skills (/10) Total (/30)


We will have four judges, they will be the following:

  1. Pofessor Paige Turner (Head Judge)
  2. Professor Helandria Norene
  3. Professor Zoe Wells
  4. Professor Ailred Birch


Okay, ladies and squibs, boys and ghouls! The moment you've all been waiting for.....THE CHAMPIONS!

Be ready for updates!

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