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Upper-year Potions Professor

"Welcome to the dueling club, students. I'm Professor Mitchell-Anderson, the supervisor for the club and professor of defense for this year. If you have any questions, please feel free to catch me either in the halls or in my offices. I understand that dueling is fun, but also be careful because dueling can easily cause damage. If you misbehave in this environment, I will not hesitate to punish you and kick you out of this club. Remember, dueling is a privilage and is very dangerous if used incorrectly. With that said, let's get dueling."

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  • We are currently accepting new members! Please sign up below.
  • The duels will be in the practice room, kicking off with the captains' duel.
  • The captains have been selected, so they can go ahead and pick their teammates. Once the teams have been filled, we will get started with dueling!

Dueling Rules

IC Rules

  1. No Unforgivable Curses.
  2. No memory charms.
  3. Always begin your duel with a bow.
  4. No physical contact.
  5. The duel is over when one of the duelers is injured or steps outside of the boundary.
  6. There is zero tolerance for duels outside of this room, play-fighting or not.
Any misbehavior will be punished by Professor Mitchell-Anderson, your Head of House, or the Headmaster.

OOC Rules

  1. We have zero tolerance on godmodding. A GM will be used in all duels.
  2. Team Captains can change the line up at any time, until a duel begins, but characters who have already dueled will be skipped over until each character has a turn.


Official Roster

Team Red

Team Blue

Practice Duels

Please proceed to the practice room for any individual duels.

Note: You do not need to be a part of the Dueling Team to practice here. This is for all duels and any year group. There is to be no dueling outside of the dueling club.