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"Welcome, students! It's a new year with new changes. As the name suggests, this is a dueling club. This club will follow the official duel format--and there will be consequences if etiquette is not followed. I or another teacher will be refereeing the matches."

OOC: if you want one of your chars to be the captain of his/her house's dueling team, just put their name in the correct slot, along with an explanation of why they think they should be chosen. Captains will be approved by their respective heads of houses. There will be six members on each house team (first come first serve), plus the captain. Captains must choose which person from their team will duel the person from the other team--and be fast about it. If you're going to be away, choose someone to chose for you.


Dueling Rules

  1. No Unforgivable Curses
  2. No Memory Charms
  3. Always begin your duel with a bow
  4. No Physical Contact
  5. The duel is over when a dueler is injured or steps outside of the boundary.
  6. There is zero tolerance for duels outside of this room, play-fighting or not!

Any misbehavior will be punished by Professor Déonté, your Head of House, or the Headmaster.

OOC Rules

  1. Please no Godmodding. A GM will be used in all battles.
  2. Team Captains can change the line up at any time, until a duel begins, but characters who have already dueled will be skipped over until each character has a turn.


Sign up here if you wish to join. (OOC: We are looking for six members per official team (not including the captain). To allow room for everyone, please ensure you have only one player on each team.)

Gryffindor House

Hufflepuff House

Ravenclaw House

  1. Maximillian King

Slytherin House


Gryffindor House

Hufflepuff House

Ravenclaw House

Slytherin House

Practice Duels

Please proceed to the Practice Room for any individual duels.
*Note: You do not need to be a part of the Dueling Team to practice here. This is for all duels and any year group. There is to be no dueling outside of the dueling club.

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