“Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus”

In 992 A.D. four of the greatest wizards and wizards of the age joined forces to create the wizarding school we all know and love today. Many, many years ago, more than I care to admit, I remember sitting in the small wooden boat, drifting up towards the magnificent castle that stood before me. Its tall towers and glowing windows took my breath away. My first thought was, and I remember it as if it were yesterday, “My god, the stories this place must have to tell.” And as I walked the halls I could see the history in every painting (no matter how rude some of them can be), every nook and cranny, and, of course, every ghost that I passed. I vowed that I’d try my hardest to unearth every last secret and story the walls were eager to whisper. I spent 10 years, and I must think the late Professor Dippet for so considerately allowing me to prowl the corridors, back amongst the stone walls and granite stairwells searching for clues as to what the castle kept hidden. I interviewed, I harassed (and I do apologise to anyone whom I may have frightened), and I do admit to some property damage if I stumbled upon, what I thought was, a hollow wall.
After approximately 17 years of work, I produced the first volume of this text. Since its initial publishing date, which I recall to be August 7, 1937, the text has gone through 32 editions. I hope you find it as enjoyable to read as I found it to write. I present to you the fruit of seventeen years of labour; I present to you: Hogwarts: A History.


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